Beginner unicycle questions

I’ve done some searching but need some help. I’m about 6’ with about a 34" inseam and I’m looking into getting a unicycle. I might be doing some hops and small drops eventually but I’m 225 pounds and don’t want to taco a rim easily. I’ll buy new or used but would like to know what to stay away from, and if I buy used what should I look at?

trials uni for hops and drops
for anything faster than 5mph you want to be looking at a bigger wheel
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I would get a trials or a muni if you don’t want to get a seperate learner. depending on your price range get a nimbus or kh. If you want to get a seperate learner look for a sun or torker.

Is there any chance of finding a decent used muni or trials for under or right at 100 bucks?

something that you are not going to break? no. not a single tough high quality uni will ever sell for under 150ish. there is a huge difference between crap and great and it is reflected in the price. i would recommend starting with a used 24" off craigslist. that will get you started well, and wont cost too much.

So I could get a cheap one then if I really enjoy it plan on throwing down around 200 for a good one?

That be a wise decision.


You’ll be buying a high end unicycle sooner than you think. One of the things they don’t tell you when you sign up is that one unicycle is never enough and you’ll soon end up owning five or six :slight_smile:

You can get a decent slightly used 20" Nimbus II for around $150.


I just bought mmy first unicycle last week and it takes soem getting used to.

I am quite a tall and heavy set guy and trying to find the right centre of gravity and get the balance right real hard. I will continue though. I cannot give up so easily lol :slight_smile:

You are not that big at 225lbs. As a beginning rider you will not stress the unicycle. It would take some big drops, greater than you’ll do for years, before you can do any damage to a uni, the uni is tougher than you :slight_smile:

You need to learn the difference between muni and trials, they are not interchangeable, so be sure you get what you want. My son has two trials, he rarely rides them because we ride muni more than anything else, which requires a bigger wheel unless you like going very, very slow.

Trials/Freestyle/Street 20" (some are actually 19" rim)
Muni: 24/26"
XC Muni/Commuter: 29"
Tour: 36"

Considering that most peope who “want” to learn unicylcing will not end up sticking with it long enough to become technically proficent rider, I’d suggest the conservative route; which will also fit your budget of $100:

Get a Sun 20" or 24" uni off ebay, pick the size that “fits” your future plans (muni or trials)
Learn to ride, then decide if you still need more uni.
Budget $300 for uni #2

If you must have something “nice” to start, then budget $300:

Read lots of posts until you know the differences between one muni and another, esp sizing, quality, and value
Buy a decent used muni or trials from the list or off ebay

Learning to ride a uni is far, far, far harder than most people realize.

Learning to ride a uni is an active of love.

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This isn’t entirely true. In the past 2 years I have seen many Torker DX’s in both trials and MUni versions sell for around a hundred dollars, and I have seen a few of the “Summit” trials uni’s under a hundred. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but if you aren’t burning to have it now you can find something.

It is true that you will have to be patient, and so a cheap learner will be in order to get the basics down. Your best bet for a cheap used, but decent quality uni will be something local like craigslist. I would read a lot on this forum and learn as much as you can about what makes a quality uni. When you buy a used cycle it won’t always be obvious what is a good deal. I have a Schwinn that I picked up on craigslist for $40 that is a great learner. The nice thing about this is that if I wanted to I could sell it for what I paid and effectively have a learner for free.

I haven’t started the “learning to ride” part. I’m still learning how to fall off, kick it out from under me forward and backward, and fall on my butt. Gotta take these steps in order, they tell me. :smiley:

OTOH, I see in the Mail that KH says it’s not as hard as it looks. :stuck_out_tongue:

We just all keep tryin’, we’ll get there.

Cheers, eh!