Beginner Trick List

I know there has been stuff like this before, but its not what i need.

Im can:
Static mount
Rolling Hop (not high)
Ride SIF

Im just looking for a list of what i should work on next like, mount variations, tricks, other riding variations. Because I have about 2 weeks off so i have some time to ride and progress.


Riding Backwards.

Then? :stuck_out_tongue:
I have been working on that, i have gotten about 10 feet then i fell on my wrist and that hurt!

Poor puppy. Get up and try again. :slight_smile:

You could learn to do a rolling mount, a suicide mount, a 180 mount, or whatever else easy you find here.

Jumping up and down steps is a fun and fairly easy thing to learn, if you have not gotten there yet.

Check out the first 4 things in my signature, starting w/ the lower levels, of course.

1 footed riding, 1 footed riding with it extending, 1 footed riding backwards, wheel walk, leg wrap, spins, hoptwist; 180 and 360,
These are all acheivable goals