beginner stuff.

I am brand knew to the site, (I just logged on today), and i would like a full detailed walkthrough on how to do the basic basic tricks/cool things on my unicycle. would be greatly appreciated.


haha welcome to the forums CrunchyChicken. I would learn to 180 unispin.

  1. Start off hopping
  2. Jump off the uni
  3. Spin The unicycle 180 degrees
  4. Land on the pedals

Its not that hard you just got to go for it



Links/Unicycling Skill Levels/IUF Skill Levels in outline format/

Get most of Level 5 and below then
Links/Unicycling Skill Levels/The Unicyclopedia - Wikibooks /(pick style, street has a whole set of unoficial levels).

id say practise hopping up and down things and tight turns

very helpful for later


Thats impossible. ill try it tho. thanks for the help!

I learned to idle watching movies on my monitor. Not uni movies, you know, just movies. It can take a while to learn to idle, and pedal back a rev, so it helps to have a little entertainment to past the time. I would suggest War and Peace, 10 seasons of Friends, or perhaps just Gandhi , if you are a faster learner then me.
Then when you can idle, and ride back a turn, find a stretch of pavement where there is a long 4’ high fence. I found that was a perfect hight to hold onto while I practiced riding backwards. I’m still iffy on that, but could do 50’ or so the last time I tried on my 20. Whatever you do, don’t let all the hot shots on this forum psych you out. You will need to put in some time.:slight_smile:

thanks guys. could you please now give me pointers on basic stuff and tips on getting on easily.


i learned in a picnic shelter with a picnic table on both sides and then id practice and the picnic tables were spread out enough that i wasnt always relying on support but i had it if i needed it

any ways, like by getting on without help?? are there diffrent ones.:smiley:

Use a curb, log or brick. Then move onto a 2X4, then a 1" thick board.