Beginner street video

I’ve started documenting my progress so I chucked a few clips together from todays ride. and made this. It’s nothing too special but I thought I would share it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can see a fault in anything I’m doing please let me know :slight_smile: Enjoy~!

koxx one letters xD from right :stuck_out_tongue:

btw nice video man :wink:

Nice video. I really liked it. :slight_smile:
I thought about grinding that handrail, and then you wrote that you would grind it someday, lol. :slight_smile: You should also put some wax on the ledge beside it, when the someday comes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool video. You are at a fun level of riding and you’ll improve quickly!

Keep it up!

I don’t know. I just found that font in my computer! I downloaded quite alot last year and lost track of them all.

It’s just a great looking rail! It’s one of my inspirations to get better. It’s only a pole…but hey, whatever gets you to your goals hey?

That’s a great idea but I’m pretty sure that ledge has those silly anti grind metal doohookies. :frowning:

It is indeed a very fun level of riding. I feel like I improve every day I go out!

I think that’s why I enjoy riding so much at the moment.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Nice to see you getting into street and trials. i remember seeing you at uninats with that old piece of junk. Keep it up.

wow someone else rides in wollongong,i live in nowra and i go up there a fair bit to unicycle.

we should organize a ride some time?

Haha, I’ve ridden that unicycle well into the ground now. The wheel is buckled and unbelievably rusted. I’m only ever going to ride that old thing for comedic value now. Worst…unicycle…ever.

Just wait, next uninats I’ll be up there with the pros :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be awesome! I love riding with other people but…as unicycling is, you don’t usually find other riders. Your on holidays now, right?

yer im on holidays for a couple of weeks i will try to get a ride happening,there is a few of us that unicycle in nowra.

A few of you? that’s even better!

Just send me a PM whenever you want to meet up. I’m practically always free :smiley:

It’s great to see good old wollongong in videos