beginner questions


I am just starting out. actually I start fathers day. I am not supposed to know I am getting one yet.

but anyway, I took it too work after buying it. spent about 20min playing with it.
I think I did pretty good for my first day, I could ride supported by only one hand.
I was using a 5’ diameter barrel 5’ high as a support.(I have no idea what the barrel is used for but it was empty.)

but anyway, the next day my thighs were sore. quite sore actually it hurt to go down stairs, walk down hills, or squat down(lower myself towards my feet).

I bike to work every day uphill(only a 2km commute). so I am in ok shape.

I figure maybe I need to stretch first before riding my unicycle, or I wasn’t putting my full weight on the seat.

so what do you think?

  • a sitting issue?
  • a stretching issue?
  • a you don’t use the same muscles riding a bike issue?

if you think it is a stretching issue does anyone know how to stretch the muscle in the front of the thigh?

thanks in advance,


You just need practice, in time you will learn to put you’re weight on the seat so it is easier to ride.

How about all 3? You’re most likely not sitting on the seat enough, and you’re using different muscles than biking. Stretching before and after riding helps with recovering too. Practice is the key, and with time you’ll be able to keep at it longer.

Also, if you’re really in Vancouver, you can check out the mailing list on and come ride with us.


I can’t wait to get “officially started”

yeah keep riding, and your muscles will be trained and then they won’t hurt because your body will be used to it.

When i started i had incredible bruising and stiff legs and just unpleasant pain afterwards and the day following, i’ve now discovered the way to sit on the seat and i’m also replacing my saddle because it was too too hard.

Stretch, as you would with any excercise, sit on the seat more than you think you need to - your posture will come once you get the hang of it, and expect to be using muscles that nothing else does. It’s a sport like no other!

It sounds very familiar. I could never practice for more than 1/2 an hour in my first few weeks and my legs / knees were killing me. After about a month of practicing nearly every day things got much better. Now I’m about 7-8 weeks in and I typically ride for 45 minutes without much discomfort. The next day my legs feel like I did a workout, but they’re not sore.

I’m in good shape too, but this uses a completely virgin set of muscles and requires good core strength.