Beginner question

Hi, i’m really interested in learning to ride uni but i’m not sure that i want to spend a lot on something that i might not be any good at. However i’m willing to upgrade to something better if i am ok and enjoy it. Also as i’ve never done unicycling i have no idea what makes a good uni…

What about this one? Do you think it’s worth the money? Or do you think i should stump up a bit more and get one of the starter packs from

We will need more info about you ie weight, height…

This looks fine to learn on I bought a cheapy and it is fine to learn on.

I will say it first…do a search of “beginner” or noob or noobie or learning there a ton of info on noob questions and advice.

I will end with riding a unicycle is a Blast!

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Like Vinnya said we can help you much better if we know more about you and your unicycling goals. An approximate budget might help too.

The description is not all that detailed but it does not quite match the picture. in the description it says that it has 102mm cranks but in the picture they are at least 125mm cranks.

102mm cranks are good for advanced freestyle but are way to short for learning on. 125s are considered about ideal for learning with a 20" wheel. I would send them a message asking for clarification on the crank length.

I’m 5ft 3 or 4 ish. Around 10 stone and i have an average inseam. I’d love to learn to ride a uni, i’ve wanted to do so for years but i’ve always been a bit scared or wary or not in a position to do so. But this year as the better weather’s coming in i’ve just decided that at 27 if i don’t do it now i might never do it and it’d be cool to learn while my son’s still little and he’ll think it’s cool, rather than him being over it and being embarrassed by me :roll_eyes:

I’ll mail them about the cranks, i’m amazed you can tell just by looking.

My budget is somewhere around 40 to 70 GB pounds i think. Not looking to spend too much on something that i might fail at miserably :smiley:

You will only fail if you give up. I have been at it everyday for the last 46 days and I am just now really getting it and feeling in control. I am the exception, the rule is about 15-20 hours to get where I am now. But it is so fun and addictive, every night after my daughter when to bed I was out there practicing and falling over and over until I finally started to get it…I Love my Uni’s!

Don’t be afraid of falling, you will land on your feet 99.5% of the time, I only fell on my ass 3 times every other time it was my feet that caught me.

Get it you will love the feeling of balacing on top of single wheel and feeling in control!

Everyone can learn! You just have to practice! I agree that the cranks do not look like 102. I don’t know much, but I have a 20" and 125s and that looks about the same. I say the same for falling, I’ve fallen to my hands maybe about 10 times now, but out of how many times that I’ve fallen off total, I’d say that 99.5% is a fair estimate, I would say 99.9%, but it’s close :wink: If/when I get into the more advanced stuff, I’m sure I’ll have some gnarlier crashes, but that’s what they invented pads and helmets for!

As for what makes a good uni, well as far as I know, that’s going to depend on what kind of style you want to/will ride.

Where abouts do you live Gnarwhal? Meeting up with other riders is a great way of learning the basics, or finding out where you’re going wrong.

Pseud, i live in Durham UK. I know there must be other uni riders around here cos i see a whole bunch of them when i go mountain biking at Hamsterley forest. That looks excellent, i think i’d like a try at what they do but i also fancy being able to use it to go places like this one lad in town who just zips along the road…i’ve seen him hop up kerbs like they weren’t there. That kind of appeals to me too.

I mailed them and they are 125mm cranks he’d measured to the centre of the ped instead of the full length of the crank.


If a blind man can ride a uni, you can learn! (He learned while he could still see)

If I could learn to uni and do Muni , w/ almost complete paralysis in my lower legs & significant amount in my hips and glutes, you can too. I need to wear AFO braces on both legs (see avatar) to walk decently. It took me a long time to learn (2 months), but I used a rail and treated it as if I was going to the swimming pool and doing laps for an hour every day, and I was noticing some slow improvement.

I haven’t looked at the picture, but crank length is measured from centre of the axle hole to centre of the pedal hole. Obviously the overall length of the crank is more than that but that is of no significance at all.

More generally, I agree that everyone can learn to ride a unicycle. If you really want it, you’ll get it for sure. On my website at Tips for beginners you’ll find some tips for beginners, including a spreadsheet that estimates how long it’ll take you to learn, depending on age, wheelsize etc.

Also I don’t know if this has been noted already, but that frame is rounded above the tire. You want a flat crown if you plan on doing tricks that involve your feet up on the crown, such as gliding, wheel walking, w/e. I know some people glide and such with rounded, but just something to think about.