Beginner Question X.x

Hi, I recently got a unicycle for Christmas (I’m 18 and decided I wanted another life long hobby :D). Anyways, apparently when assembling I didn’t screw in my pedals with a wrench and they fell off stripping the inside of where the pedal goes in.

I gave the unicycle to my dad, and he got it fixed without replacing anything. Now for my question. Both pedals are slightly angled downward (Not a whole lot, but enough to notice upon close inspection.) I was just wondering if this would affect my riding at all (other than my feet having to compensate for my pedals being slightly crooked)?

(P.S. I have a Torker LX 24")

Not that I can think of. Umm I guess if it doesn’t bother you then you should be good to go. Would you be riding Muni?

Nope, just your average beginner :smiley: trying to get the basics.

You will probably get used to the crooked pedals. I have a pedal with a slightly bent spindle on my MUni. It feels a bit weird for a couple minutes when I switch to or from my MUni with the crooked pedal.

Having crooked pedals most definitely won’t help but probably won’t hurt the learning process to much either.

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it is one of those things to get used to, but you probably want to pay attention to make sure you don’t strip out the cranks. if the threads in the crank gets stripped out from the pedles, then your peddles will just fall out. but your not doing tricks or anything so you should be okay, your not going to be hard on it. but once you decide to start riding Muni or doing tricks, get a DX, that LX won’t last long.

exactly how easy is it to strip out square taper cranks? People make it sound incredibly easy, but I’ve never had trouble with my LX. It seems to hold up well to whatever I’ve put it through.

that depends on how much stress and punishment you put it through. do you do large drops, jump good size gaps, or just do tricks that put stress on the cranks. in my exp they do hold up a little better than they are nomally rated, but they can only take so much.

so what kinds of stuff are you doing? how big are you going?

hopping around, up and down stairs, max drops of 2ish feet (because i dont know how hard i can ride em before they get messed up). Havent gotten into any street/flat yet, mostly freestyle and small amounts of trials-ish riding here and there.

you should be fine for a while until you start going bigger. i had an older LX that took a good amount of 5ft drops, but most of those landed in the snow. so it can take a beating for a while, that also depends on how much you wiegh too, i am really small and light. I was really surprised to see what my old LX could with stand,lol. so it should do you good for a while until you start going bigger, also keep in mind, that rim isn’t the strongest either.

Well my LX is now going to be my commuter/light muni starting next week as i just ordered a KH20 last night. So it should last me a good long while now that I will have something else to beat up.

Thanks for the info.

thats awesome, at your skill lvl no offense, you will never break or harm the KH for a while. thats a really good choice of uni. they are expensive but worth the money.

I could tell you that i’m not good enough to break my stuff :wink: That’s why i got it – so i can get better. (and eventually bend/crack/snap/break/scratch the hell out of it:D)

i had mine like that forever it works fine for everything reall no problems