Beginner Question (plz help me)

Ok so ive ordered my uni and it should be here in about 3 days whats the best site to go on for learning to ride tutorials? Videos or pictures but i really want a video if theres one. Plz help.

Have a look-see in the tutorials section, and search, there is a wealth of info on here that helped me while learning.
Also, have a look at dudewithasocks learning diary (its much better than mine), this has tips listed as it goes through his journey.
Sorry i dont have direct links to threads, i am cold and lazy at the moment!

this helped me out a lot in the beginning.

kk, for all the help you will ever need…took me hours to find this place…

It’s thee best website ever.

wow it took me less than 5 minutes just searched unicycle, unicycle.corg came up and then click on here. but yeah this is the best place. I agree with reading dudewithasock’s diary.

I searched unicycle forums on google and it came up. 30 secs to find this website lol.