Beginner Progress, tips?

Just did a little bit of filmin today. Just some boring stuff I’ve been doin around my house. Some of the stuff is real sketchy, anyways… If you have any tips, that would be cool, or if you can think of somethin that I might like to try and do next? Been workin on 180 unispins, but I keep hitting the tire as I spin it…

Nice video. Looks like you’ve got the main basics down and you have good technique which will help you to progress nicely. Keep at it and make more videos. :slight_smile:

Hey, youre doing pretty awesome there! I’m jealous. :stuck_out_tongue: Still working on mounts myself but getting it finally. I really need to learn hills too. Nice vid, keep it up!!

Thanks guys.

What does bad technique look like? lol

cbs you had a very bad injury, I wouldn’t even be riding if I were you, I’d be too scared. So no worries you’ll catch me in no time!

Not holding the lift handle and/or flailing your arms all over wildly while riding, or holding with both hands while hopping. Hopping, jumping in the opposite direction of your free hand. Bad foot position, like too much on balls of feet or heels. Excessive “wobbling” while riding. And the list goes on and on. Tentativeness and lack of confidence can also hinder developing one’s technique. I should temper these observations with the fact that everybody is different and some may still attain a high level of skill with what some might consider to be “unconventional” techniques as well. But in general, The examples listed above are pretty valid, imo.

Hey thanks! Yeah, I’ll be a wus til the end of the year when I am comfortable taking risks again. So pretty stoked I learned to uni, just slower then I’m accustomed to. Its exciting to watch your progress though!! You’ll be spinning that thing around in no time. :smiley:

Aah I see what you mean then, the one that really bothers me is when I see the videos of people who do small hops (not even off the ground, just bouncing) continuously for what seems to serve no real purpose, they just bounce and jumble around. And if they have a loose helmet or anything that goes flipping around, it just looks terrible.

cbs - I’ve been falling on my hands a lot more recently lol, so watch out.

Very good! You’re doing great for one month!!:smiley:

work on riding/hoping seat out THEN work on 180 spins

I can do both lol, that’s how I was trying them. My SIF hops could be a little better, still a tad wobbly when I land. But I still kept hitting the tire, I wasn’t fully committing I think. Even though I was already doing it on grass… I only tried maybe 4 times or so before I went back to other stuff.

Thanks for the tip though! The way I’m trying em is SIF, then both hands on the left side of the seat, right hand forward (I’m right handed so this is comfortable), and use that as my fixed hand for landing. Also my left foot is forward, which is the way that I’m most comfortable hopping. Is that a good way to go about it?

Very very nice, especially if you only have been riding for a month. Cool.
What I think you should work on next, is doing a 180 hop out of riding backwards. And hoppin’ up curbs and pallets. And riding backwards down your drop. And spreading your legs more when attempting 180 unispins.

Those are good ideas, I need to get a little bit more comfortable riding backwards first though haha, almost there, my control just isn’t enough to keep me going for as long as I would like.

Nice little video! You’re definitely progressing quickly!

One thing that I’m practicing these days is one-foot riding (one foot on the frame, one pedaling). I can’t really do it more than one or two revolution, but it’s a fun trick to try.

I haven’t even been able to get my foot up to the frame! I understand how to do it but I usually give up real quick. Sometimes I ride normal and try to put no weight on the left foot, to practice this, but it’s just not the same.