Beginner problem...

Just got my first uni (24" Torker) last week and making okay progress learning to ride. My problem is the pedals on this thing don’t seem to fit my large, wide feet. When I put my feet comfortably on the pedals my sneakers tend to rub against the crank. Are my feet just huge or are Torker pedals especially small? Is there a reasonably priced pedal out there I could upgrade to that is wider (like maybe 1/2" or so??) since getting smaller feet unfortunately isn’t an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Almost any bike shop should carry some cheap, plastic, BMX style platform pedals that are wider than Torker pedals. I got a pair for $10 at one. has an array of unicycle pedals almost all of which should fit your Torker.

Your feet can probably move out further away from the cranks than you think. I’ve seen some boys with some pretty big dogs riding on those pedals, myself included.

I think it’s a matter of getting used to riding and foot placement. It’ll come in time. Most newcomers complain of hitting ankle bones which really hurts. That goes away in time as well. Maybe think of the extra foot width as sort of a hidden blessings in that they keep your ankle bones a safe distance away from the crank arms.

Just a thought.

I recently got a pair of cheap bmx pedals with metal pins and was impressed by the advantage they have over the torker pedals I learned on. Your feet stick with metal pins. You don’t waste as much energy and concentration trying to keep your feet on the pedals. Definately worth the $15.

I’d get some leg armour too, if you go metal.