beginner on sun 20 incher--need some tips!!

so i just bought the blue 99 dollar sun 20 incher. will i ever learn to ride this rascal? dang! i been ridin’ bikes for years. shoot! i rode 7000 miles commutin’ and all this year alone. i can inline skate, ski, waterski, etc. like a pro, but unicyclin’ is HARD!! :astonished: my hat’s off to you guys!

gimme some beginner tips and encouragement if ya would! :roll_eyes:

thanks!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Hey brunop, i’ve been unicycling for little under a year now. It’s not so hard if you have perseverence and patience. When i’m was learning how to ride it, i was constantly thinking of how i sometimes ride my bike with the front wheel always up. I guess it’s become a habit for me.

Since unicycling, i found out it has some advantages to bike riding. Some of them being that you can pedal backwards. You’re always pedalling while at the same time getting some good exercise :D, you’re never in harms way and if you stack it. A majority of the time you will always land on your feet.

Sure it may be hard at first. But nothing is impossible. So good luck and have fun with it. Cause the rewards are very sweeet. :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

as I posted in an earlier thread… Start off riding against a wall. You can put your hands on it and lean on it as needed to balance. Then when you get better at that, you can start with having a friend next to you so you can keep one hand on his shoulder. Some people do two friends you can do that too. Then start making short distances from a wall that you mount from. Good luck and remember to lean forward.

thanks guys! i’m at my girlfriends apt in nyc right now and have been practicin’ in the hallway. got a good bloody slap on the shin and ankles from the left pedal! :astonished: :astonished: ha!! i’m gonna master this thing though. i can already go a little bit before it shoots out from under me! (usually out the back). the other folks here (and my girlfriend) think i’m nuts. :sunglasses: :astonished: :slight_smile:

hey ok what i did and helped me learn to ride in 3 days was i went into my hallway and held both walls, then if i felt a little confidence i would let go of 1 or both walls for 1 or 2 pedals then start touchin them again so as not to fall. After that just prgress to a person to hold their shoulder in a open parkin lot and soon with a little practice you’ll have it. One thing i can’t stress enough is to SIT ON THE SADDLE. DO NOT try to suppor your weight with your feet or your legs will kill you after riding like 500m

ne who have a blast and you’ll have it soon enough

yeah dog i hear ya about keepin’ yer weight on da saddle! seems to me (and yall tell me if i’m wrong) ya gotta be light on the pedals. right? ya gotta get yer cods all positioned comfortable and all before ya take off. :astonished: anyway, why am i shootin’ out the back so much? what am i doin’ wrong?

again thanks!!!:slight_smile:

(but i guess “it’s like a bicycle, once ya get it ya got it.” but havin said that, i saw the vaunted “10 official levels” and goddam! 3 looks dang near impossible!! you high-level folks freakin’ ROCK! DAP!):smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :astonished: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :o

your shootin out the back i presume becuase your leanin too far forward and are not pedaling to keep yourself over the uni

Sorry if that doesnt make much sense

I think what Sir Falloffalot is trying to say is that if you pedal too fast. Your body won’t adapt to it very quickly and you’ll lose your centre of gravity and might stack it. Causing you to get bruised etc

Is that what your trying to say Sir Falloffalot :slight_smile:

yes thank you thats basically the idea just pedal only as fast as the distance you are leaning forward

Dang i’m bad at this describing junk:p

It’s all good. Glad to help a fellow unicycler :smiley: :smiley:

as for weight on pedals or seat… at first put your weight mostly on the pedals, when you get better, you’ll just shove your whole weight on the seat… but at first, its easier to put the weight on the pedals to lower your centre of gravity… But dont try stand up, just oush really hard on the pedals…

And yeah you need to lean forward in proportion to how fast you are pedalling. Its hard to find the right position at first, then it becomes natual… abit liek the biting point on a car… first its hard to find, then its a doddle…

they say when you learn to the the complete opposite, put your weight all on the seat.

Not to long ago I was where you’re at. Trying to learn and more than determined to learn it no matter how much it hurt. One tip that helped me and my seating position/lean angle was to ride “like a stick was up your a$$.” Pretty much try sitting straight up and looking a little farther to where you are going and not down at where you are at. I used to hunch foward slightly looking at the floor and that screwed me up. Oh, and let your hands do what they want. My hands were waving in the air like nobody’s business.

ahah too damn right…

and they say you should put all your weight on the seat… well that sounds stupid but if it works for some people…

Practice, Practice, Practice. my cousine was doing really really well then he stopped practicing. he tried again the next week and he couldent do it as well. he told us he didnt want my unicycle any more and that i could give it to some one else and see how much he cared. we obliged.

i would say to keep all the weight in your saddle, also try to treat it like a bike just with one wheel. if you bike you probally have the side to side ballance. work on the front to back. good luck!:smiley:

Is this what you mean when you say it’s like riding a bike Det-riot hahaha:D :smiley:


they are some super long cranks.

…uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…yeah…the way i transitioned from bike 2 uni was i learned how to hold a wheelie for a long time, then kept trying to ride my uni. It really helped!!!