Beginner on a Mountain Bike Trail in Missouri

I don’t know how long I get to call myself a beginner, but I only started with a unicycle in March. So it’s just over two months and this is kinda where I’m at. Watching this makes me realize I’m still flailing my arms around, but I think a lot of the back-and-forth tire motion is me negotiating obstacles.

Started in March ?
Damn, you look pretty darn good!
Waiting to see the video a year from now. WHEW !!

Thanks…I sure hope you’re right about a year from now. I always feel like I’m not learning as quickly as a lot of people on these boards.

Are you kidding me?? :astonished: I started last year and I can barely hop.
I actually feel like I am improving every time I ride even though I have quite slow progress.

Maybe I’m just watching the wrong videos! I wish more people like us (that is to say, non-experts) would put them up.

You know, I have the exact same mentality when I go for a ride–I think about what small way I can improve since the last time I rode. Besides reading these forums and time in the saddle, one thing that’s helped me is reading Kris Holm’s book. Kris really does a good job explaining techniques for basic skills. (