Beginner needs unicycle

Hi all, I’ve been looking at starting unicycling for a while. Initially I
expected unicycles to be expensive but after looking at The Unicycle source page
(UK) it turns out that a beginners unicycles start at around 68 UKP. Still, I’m
reluctant to invest this. It’s a lot of money for something that I may not like
or may not even be able to do. I spoke to Roger at the source page (who I’m sure
is also here) and he told me that secondhand unicycles tend to sell for quite a
lot making it more sensible to purchase a new unicycle.

Now, I’m not doubting Roger but I thought I’d just ask here anyway. (If I can’t
get one cheap, it’s unlikely I’ll do it at all).

Does anyone in the UK have a secondhand beginners unicycle that they would like
to sell? I reckon I want a 24 inch wheel one, but will probably consider a 26
inch…for a 6 footer.

I’ll go up to 35 quid.



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