Beginner muni UPDs

Here’s my first vid - it’s really just a compilation of low-speed dismounts from my helmet cam last weekend… nothing spectacular.

Disclaimer: Muni is a stretch for me since my riding skills are so limited (I flail even on paved bike paths). But I’ll learn, and I’m really inspired by the crazy skills and videos that everyone puts up.

When did you start unicycling? :slight_smile:

I learned the to ride about four years ago – wasn’t very good at turning but could ride on a dirt road as long as it wasn’t too hilly or bumpy. Then I rode just once a year until about a month ago.

I’d say I’m making more of an effort this time around – trying to learn some tricks and balance skills to see if I can get my offroad riding into the fun zone. I’m already enjoying it a lot more. I might even put a UNI sticker on my car.

Yep, you look like you’ve got falling aced…great progress :wink:
I think I must have put as much effort into learning to UPD without faceplanting as I have riding…but then I’m oldish and it makes everything hurt when I get it wrong.
Still, fortune favours the brave so with those pads on you should be kicking arse on the trail in no time. Go for it…


PS: I see you’re of a similar age which probably explains why you’re as armoured up as I am…good man.