Beginner In Darwin OZ

Hi All
Well been wanting to try for a while
So last week bought a 20" Solo
And no face plants yet and best run is maybe 10mts but has not been repeated
Just wanted to say Gday

Hi! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There’s a good bunch of people here, all ready to help you with your journey on the wheel of life…

Thx man

Well had a cracking day today feeling much more confident

Just wondering about the wheel size of the UC as the seat post is up to its max

Feels OK once i figured out how to position my butt in the seat fr balance( i can see the one liners already)


Hi, its good to hear about another learner. I am much the same as you then. Keep at it is the only advice, it does get you there eventually, I promise… you can always get a longer seat post though, I did… !!
Confidence is a key word in unicycling, another key word is perseverance, it gets better each time you clamber onto the saddle, however it fits… !!

There are a bunch of riders in Darwin if you want to ride with other people

Hi Pinoclean
Any names of contacts would be great
Maybe to hang and cruz with
But handy for bikes for sale and parts and maybe trial rides of different types Unis to get a feel for what direction i could go next
PS Freight to Darwin is a bit of a nightmare
Cheers Gaz

There is the Unicycle Northern Territory facebook page. They updated their page October 3 so must be still checking it.

Legendry Thx