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Hey people i was just watching some unicycle vids on youtube and thought it looks like fun.
I was thinking of maybe buying one like of ebay or the quakka or something. If i do get one ill be doing tricking stuff with it.
What would be the best unicycle i could get for what i want it to do at the cheapest price possible. I was thinking of spending like $30 AUS or something.

30AUS will get you a pretty dodgey unicycle to be honest.

where abouts do you live? i’m in brisbane.

you could try

they have decent unis at decent prices available in australia

I saw a really good one on bidding for 14 bucks.

like this one

If you want a good one, then what iride said would be a better idea to do. Also, you may consider this. They’re Aussie and do a good bargain for what they have. :smiley:

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Yer im just gonna buy a shitty 30-50 buck one first then have that for like a year and if i still like it in a years time ill buy a good one. Coz i dont really wanna spend 100-300 bucks and then chuck it in the corner in 3 months.
So thats wat im gonna do.

Theres one in the closet

Put up a notice on any free local boards, "wanted ! unicycle for beginner "
Someone has one sitting forgotten in your town. I bet they will give it to you for 10 $ if you cry youth and poverty.:slight_smile:

When you get your cheap uni don’t drop or jump down anything bigger than a curb, or you will bend or break parts after a month or two.

ok thnx guys uve been a great help