Beginner Advice

At the risk of asking the same question that has been answered a hundred
times already, I would like an opinion.

I am looking to buy my first unicycle and have found a Braun 24" model and
a Norco 24" . The Braun is cheaper (and more in my price range), I want to
stay with Canadian dealers because the shipping and exchange rate will
kill me if I order from the States.

Has anyone had any experience with the Braun cycles, good or bad. Or can
anyone recommend another Canadian option for 200$ or less.


that generally depends on where you live, but for anyone how lives in or near Richmond B.C. I found that Capp Cycles has the best prices

Bedford unicycles sells good unis for a little over $200. A little over your price limit but I think only by $20. I got mine from him in the summer and i love it. He can be reached through the Toronto unicyclist web page or