Beginner Advice?

This spring, I’m looking to get into unicycling (mostly I want to learn how to do muni), and I was just hoping you guys could help a beginner out with some advice. =D

Since I want to get into muni, I’m assuming that I’d be good getting a 24" muni of decent quality to start out on. That way I wouldn’t have to upgrade later. Or would it actually be an advantage to start on a cheapo, smaller unicycle to learn on and then upgrade? From poking around on the forums here, I noticed a lot of talk about K1 unicycles going for cheap, and I saw that a somewhat close-ish store (the physical store for is located in Calgary, and I’m in Edmonton, so that’s a 3 hour drive each way) isselling 24" K1 Track Monster and White Russian munis for less than $275. They also come with a KH seat included. I really don’t know my unicycles, so would that be a good idea, or are there better options?

linkage to the store:

Seeing as I’m a total beginner, I was thinking that protective gear would probably be a good idea. What kind of gear should I be looking at, and where could I get it? Bike store, skate shop, or where?

Thanks for your time and patience with me. =D

Oh, by the way, if it matters I’m about 6 feet tall and 150lbs (I’m not exactly the most built kid on the block =P), I just turned 18, and ski racing is my main sport. Just a little tidbit about me.

If you saw the K1 threads then you probably saw my many posts.

So as for protective gear, I use 661 4x4 knee shin guards, they’re super protective, and you’ll have to pay for that protection with the increased heat. You can leave the knee portion fairly loose though and it’s not so bad. (I ordered mine online, has these)

I also use Kris Holm Pulse Gloves, I highly recommend these, I am very happy that I replaced normal bmx loves with them. Awesome protection and comfort. Bought mine at (bought a size up from what I usually wear and they fit perfect)

And last piece I wear is a helmet, just a normal Bell mountain biking helmet, you can find those at bike shops, sports outlets, etc. You can get a skater type helmet, but they are a lot hotter.

For you height, you’d be happy with a 24 or a 26 I think. I’d say a 24 since you are lighter, and it would be your first uni. 24 is the base size that you really should have, any smaller and muni will be harder. I would recommend getting a 24 also since it will be easier to learn (the wheel is not TOO big) and you will be able to get into technical stuff earlier (easier to throw the wheel around)

I think the 24" K1’s are a very good deal- You get ISIS (stronger hub design), double wall rims, a nice seat etc. It will certainly be capable of some of the most extreme muni and big drops will be fine.

For learning, generally people start with a 20" or a 24", so again this would be suibtable.
I would say go for it, the K1’s are such good value right now.

For leg protection, some here wear the full Kris Holm Persecution armour, or 661 products. But I just wear football (soccer) shin guards with ankle protection.

Have a good time learning!

Welcome Gogi. Just contact they will get you set up with every thing you need to get started including the protective gear.
Regardless of what size uni they recomend to you, it should be noted that a muni or off road tire can add some complications when learning to ride as it may kick you around a bit more than a smoother tire. Talk to them about this and see what they would recommend re: this issue. Maybey they’ll throw in a street tire with your order.