Beginner 36

Watch me bust my ass good at the end.

Nice! How do you like the big wheel so far? What crank length did you get? :slight_smile:

I like it. 165 cranks

way to go for it, no need to screw around on the pavement, straight to the dirt!

Well done!

My 36 came in last week but I’m still messing with my 29. I feel like once I jump to 36 I may not go back and the 29 still deserves my attention.

Great job documenting the progress. In a month you will look back and easily see improvement. Very cool.

I would go ahead with the 36. I figure everything will be easy after riding the 36 a while. It’s really not that big a deal even for me. I still get about the same distance on all sizes. The bigger ones are harder to stay on even though we cover more ground. A 36 is not impossible to ride even at my level.

I wish I could get some more video but the good trails are closed for hunting season.

any work you do your 36 will improve your 29 riding immensely.

I played with the 36 for maybe a half hour in the parking lot. I’d mount (assisted) go about 30 yards and then practiced dismounting. Basically just getting used to it. Then I got back on my 29 and struggled taking off. This, combined with the fact that I’m only “decent” on my 29 made me think I needed to ride the 29 longer.

Thanks for this input. Next outing I will leave the 29 at home.

What size cranks do you have? I run 165 on everything and find the 36 not much harder to mount than anything else. I have to admit I usually assist mount just to get my feet in the best position as not to screw up my ride.

I have 127/150’s (set at 150) on both the 29 and 36 right now. I have a set of KH Spirit 110/127mm as well that are waiting to be deployed at some future date.

I’m very particular about my foot position so yes, I prefer to start holding on to something that allows me to get it just right. Of course my primary goal every time I take off is to travel a mile or more. Honestly, I have not spent much time learning to mount as my primary goal has been getting a workout and getting comfortable over distance. I’ll master it eventually. I’m too addicted not to.

I have a KH touring handle landing on my doorstep today. The weather looks nice and I’m looking forward to a weekend of advancement.