Beginner 26” Nimbus Muni Unicycle

Beginner 26 inch Nimbus Muni, 150 mm crank D&R Trail Edison NJ.

Had rollback freemounts , 1/5-6 success , once I mount went 30-40 feet , then UDP as my muscles got tired .
I did that ride in memory of Sean Furlong (RIP) , know with his “Ride it Baby” quote.I know him from posts and he was motivating my learning process, RIP Sean , RIB !

hey fellow NJ’an…looks like a nice peaceful place to municycle. keep it up and the learning should just flow right thru.

I’m usually on Hartshorne or Huber Woods trails on the weekends that I’m off. it’s a blast to ride muni, though a bit more advanced. maybe one day I’ll see you there. good luck and keep riding…

Awesome! I never been those parks but just searched map and it seems 35 min to me, definitely will visit and hope to see and learn from you and get tips as well! Have a wonderful week and hope to Municycle together soon:)