begining on a uni and chaving

:thinking: Dear fellow unicyclists,
hya everone! I’m ,as well as new here,new to unicycling itself.I can ride perfectly,bunny hop normally and up onto kerbs, and, and…well, thats it. And thats why i’ve written this post. I need some new tricks to learn,tips on improving, books to read, dvd’s to buy, online videos and web sites.thats it. Oh, and recently i’ve been(suffering) do I prevent this?
Adrian (5 ball and club juggler and amaeture(cant spell)unicyclist,11 years old)

one useful link you will always be coming back to is this one.

also, a website thats very good for beginners is

oh, and as for the chafing thing, it’ll go away the better you get at riding. just give it time.

with the chaffing it may be because of your seat if it is not smooth

some cool dvds are universe 1 and 2 aswell as defect some neat tricks you can learn are hoptwists riding seat in front and hopping seat in front…those are all pretty simple to learn

not to toot my own horn…or more accurately, to toot my own horn, the DVD I released is very inspirational to new riders.

Also, keeping a baggie of cornstarch with you to throw in your shorts once you start getting chaffed works wonders!

(you get used to saddle time and chaffing becomes less and less of an issue)

here’s an ebay link for TWNR on the cheap:

put some antibiotic ointment on your legs after your chaffed, that helps a lot.

the cornstartch (cheap equivelant to baby powder) prevents the chaffing (not to mention ‘cools down everything’ during the ride)

search JWS