beginer unicyclicts in the bay area

are there any of you?


There is unicycle basketball on every Tuesday night at 7:00 in Berkeley. When the sun sets late it is at the basketball courts across from Berkeley High. I haven’t been in a few months, so I don’t know where they are meeting or if there have been any changes to the time, but you can check with the Berkekly juggling club, which is where this basketball club is organized from. During the winters they meet at the basketball courts at strawberry creek park.

They encourage all levels of riders, from the extradonarily talented to the barely-ride-10’. Feel free to come, they are encouraging and helpful.

I also ride in SF and Berkeley, plus some other spots, but my rides might not be the most welcoming to a beginner rider (trials, technical singletrack muni when possible).

There’s another guy who lives in SF who’s a bit of a beginner, and I know of a few people in Bernal heights who have been rapidly advancing in skill. I hear about other unicyclists in my neighborhood more and more often now, and I see trials tire marks on an increasing number of ledges I haven’t tried.

Check with diano 54. He just moved to San Jose, and might be up for a ride.


ill go as soon as i can

I live in Dublin, a little far, but if you ever wanted to meet half-way I’d be glad to. I don’t have any unicycling friends.

I, Daino, have moved to San Jose a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t call myself a beginner, but I’m not as good as many of the riders here. I’d be happy to meet up for a ride sometime. There are several other riders in the area that I met at CMW. They have gone on several rides since, but I haven’t been able to go with them. If I hear something, I’ll let you know.


Im in the east bay area always lookin for people to ride with!!!


aight thanks evrybody

Us bay area peoples ought to organize a MUni ride soon!

one thing ya might wanna know is that if 13 that may make all you elderly folk not wanna ride w/ me

how bout a easy sububan citty ride i can only ride 1 1/2 miles

I tried, but you had to gon on the CA coast classic! Mike (Middleton) and I really wanna hit Side O. Mike (Scalisi), if you ever wanna go with us that’d be cool, although neither Mike M. or I have a car, so unless you wanna ride there you may have to drive.

Hey Brian, maybey if you came to SF for once we could ride. But I guess that’s never gonna happen, is it?

Us Monterey bay peoples been a organizin’ !!!

Corbin has been the motivator… we’ve done some trials and some muni over the past few weeks… all in Santa Cruz, however.

I’d definitely be up for a ride somewhere’s 'round the bay! I could only recommend places to ride in 'Cruz, though.

Where do you bay area peoples ride?

Very cool! I don’t mind trekking down to SC on the weekends (I’ve been down there lots anyways riding coker!)

In the bay area, there’s some good riding in the Oakland hills, but there’s not as much (legal) riding as there is in SC.

I’m back now! …although I’m going to be moving over the next couple weekends. Then again, I can always make a few hours available.

What’s Side O.?

Mike Middleton has been talking about Side-O for a long time - we have to go do it sometime. It’s in the Oakland hills where we’ve ridden a few times.

Regarding Santa Cruz rides, email me if you’re interested in a big challenging Coker/Muni ride on Oct 24. About 20 miles, over 1000’ of climbing, lots on dirt.

—Nathan (nathan at

Re: beginer unicyclicts in the bay area

As jason said, i’ve been trying to organize some santa cruz rides lately.

I hope to setup a web page soon w/info for rides in the area.

i’m thinking about getting a muni ride together for this saturday. if your down, email me. cd AT bluetreesoft DOT com.


Nathan, are we talking fire roads or singletrack? Anything technical or interesting on the trail? I’m interested, I’ve never done a ride bigger than downeville (17 miles).

Side-O is a semi-legal trail in the Oakland hills near Lake Anza. It’s about a 5 or 6 mile ride from the nearest busstop, but since Side-O is only about 2 or 3 miles, it’s perfectly doable. But there’s a caution that comes with this trail: As anyone who’s ridden in the Oakland Hills may know, they’re covered in poision oak. Since Side-O is not a sanctioned trail, it’s probably gonna have even more. So if you’re badly allergic, this trail may not be for you. (also, from what I hear it’s super steep and basically nonstop downhill, possibly to a greater degree than Northstar.

Jason, Mike: I’d be up for a ride in SC or SF or Oakland this weekend, preferably Saturday. Call me. SF has some okay trials and I know of 1 spot that’s good for a short muni ride but has lots of cool little spots and some trials. Oakland and Berkekey all have some good trails and trials, but then again, SC has more. I’d love to hit North Campus (UCSC) sometime, if anyone knows the area and is up for it.

The Oct 24 ride is something like 12 miles of pavement and 8 miles of fireroad. Coker required - cranks shorter than 150mm will suck.


Dang. I guess I’m out. Thanks for telling me, though.

thanks guys