Begin Teaser

Hey everyone,

I’ve posted this link in a couple of the topics related to Mike Parenteau. We’re trying to get the word out about the film we’re producing. We’ve decided to release the front flip in a film titled ‘Begin’

We’ve also picked up Keny Banks, another rider from Nelson BC, Canada to be in the film. Here’s a link to the updated teaser. It builds off the other teaser video.


I look forward to seeing the full video:)

this vid is going to be insane! :slight_smile:

+1 looks great.

Hey all,

So, we’ve been shooting for a few weeks now for the film. And we’re starting to find a direction for the film. Besides Mike and Keny’s unicycling, it will also feature their mountain biking and BMX. Mountain biking, particularly downhill is very important to both guys, because it has influenced their unicycle riding immensely. Nelson is a huge freeride, steep mountain, big huck town. And both guys are bringing different aspects of Nelson style riding to their unicycling. Based on the current productions schedule, the film will definitely not be released this year. But we’re anticipating a release sometime in 2010…likely summer. Hope you like the updated teaser.

I do like the updated teaser better:)

I can’t wait for the full film. About how minutes long do you thinking it’ll be? Will it be online or DVD?