Begging letter!

Calling all American unicyclists! Hi. I am going to the US of A this summer to
teach kids in a camp to juggle/ unicycle/trapeze etc. This ends on 21st
August, and I am then intending to spend a month “On the Road” with my
fiancee. Is there anybody out there who could lend us a bit of floorspace to
crash on for a night or two? As yet, we have no plans about where to go - the
only definite is that we are starting and ending the month is New York. I do
know some people in Seattle, but I dunno if I’ll get that far.

I would appreciate any response, including if you’d just like to tell me what
I ought to go and see (especially in NY).

email me at:

Many thanks, John

Re: Begging letter!

My apartment is much to small for two people to crash in, but I’ll be delighted
to take you out to Central Park and other Unicycling haunts. Drop me a line
before coming to town.