'Begginers' skate threads

Your guys’s idea of begginer is beyond rediculous. look at some of those tricks, and tell me there supeer easy. It makes the actual beginers (me) who are happy learning the latest hard trick, like a rolling mount. Mmmm 720 unispin to wheelwalk to 360. not easy, at ALL :angry:

Oh bro, there are easier ones than that. And if your uncomfortable with the beginners ones (usually with 180 unispins, 3spins at max) feel free to make a new thread. Super-beginner. haha.:wink:

i dont think anyone would consider that easy. who the hell said that was a beginner trick? just learn at ur own pase

Welcome to the forums!

Now who is this “Your guys’s” you speak of?

Some threads are a little easier then others

i guess some are easier threads, now that im doing some looking. the one i was looking at was **Back It Up begginers/intermediate** . and the title got edited to beginner/intermediate, so its a little better.


Haha im so making a super begginer thread once i get a camera! :smiley:

lol, when you make this, I’m definately in!

That would be great, I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate it! Please hire a spell/grammar checker to work with you on it before posting… :slight_smile:

Agreed. No offense, but I had to read your post several times to attempt to understand it. Even then, it’s impossible to figure out which “beginner” thread in particular you are talking about. There are several.

A 180 unispin used to be a level 10 skill in the old freestyle days.

And that means if you could do a crankflip back in the old freestyle days you were probably level 15 or something…

edit: good thing he is worried about the people on this forum that skate too…


Excuse my grammer, but it is only the internet, and im forced to deal with enough grammer lessons at my school. Oh and about the skate thread, I ment unicycle, but old habits die hard.

It is also “only” the way you present yourself to a new community.