before i buy thread

before i buy anything what should i get

option frame
option 2,bc wheel plates and carbon fibre seat base

other people could also post there buying questions here i supose.

and to all those thread nazis i did a search.:slight_smile:

This thread is a good idea :wink:
Before I buy:
Would a KH 07 hub, 36 kh spokes and an 07 rim fit together with my quax muni (yellow hubbed 48 spoke)???
Is it possble to get spokes and a hub powdercoated? Or any places in Aus where KH trials compatible white spokes are sold?

i dont think they would fit becuase u said it was 48 spoke but the hub is 36 i think so thats a no.

and for the powder coating you could get links with a car spraypainter its cheaper than powdercoating,

and spokes you could cut them down just google it u might find something you would have to cut down 20 inch spokes which would be hard to get so i dunno.

well that was a rather long rant.

there is an identical thread in unicycle product review forum

Yup all the KH pars will go together. I think that the KH wheel will fit in the QuAx frame, the only thing that could be a problem is that the KH hub has wider flanges so there is less clearance at the bearing holders

you can get whatever you want powdercoated but if you powdercoat your spokes you will have to make sure that the threads stay clean or scrape the powdercoating out of the threads. You could just use white 14G spokes but they might be hard to find in a short enough length.

And knighty: I have no idea which option would be better for you. Get whatever you think would bring you more fun.

geat the carbon and the kh frame

Definately a good thread especially as Christmas is coming up!
Well I was wondering whether this
nimbus x wheel would be strong enough to do light street on (mostly learning tricks) and also if their are any better alternatives

ive heard alot of things about people breaking their rims or bending them beyond repair when jumping off staircases, do you guys have this problem often at all? because im wondering if i should get some backup rims incase that happens to me or does it not happen often enough to worry about that?