Before and After videos?

Does anyone have any old videos showing when you first started riding or first started learning some basics, and a contrasting video showing how much better you are today?

Especially some of you guys who have been at this for years. I think it’s inspirational to see the growth you guys have made.

I posted this a few days ago.

And if you REALLY want to go back in time! :sunglasses:


I guess that’s about a year and 4ish month’s time. :slight_smile:

wow Eli, thats crazy, you’ve improved sooo much so fast!

Thanks, man :smiley:

Here is me.

I got serious into riding (trials I guess) almost 2 years ago. The it wasn’t until April of that year I got a trials unicycle and got into real trials.

So serious trials riding: 20 months ago
Serious street riding: 11 months ago
Serious flatland riding: 11 months ago

First video

Not latest but best trials:

Best street/flatland

11 Months Ago:

3 Months Ago:

Not nearly as much progress as I would have liked…
I’m better now that the 3 month old video.:smiley:

6 months ago:

I used to ride skinnies 1 handed and only jump SI…glad i’ve abolished that…


haha, great idea for a thread.
oh, and my movie editing skills have greatly improved as well, hahah

This is like a year and 3 months ago haha

And here is one about 4 months ago:

hahahahahhahhah and i looked at this one from like a year and 8 months ago haha haven’t looked at this forever!

2 years ago:

1month ago:


Welldone everyone! I hope that I will learn as mutch as you all have did!
1year, 8 months ago

1 month ago

@raphael, nice semi flips :stuck_out_tongue:

and 1year and a half later…


about 1,5 year ago: (it’s me with the Onza)

Clips from summer and fall this year:


Qu-Ax heavy duty xD

2 years later :smiley:

Notice how everyones cameras, filming and editing has improved lololol

Except mine :stuck_out_tongue: