beeston unicycle meetup for cancer research uk :)

ok so ive had time to think about it now and ive decided if the besston unicycle meetup does go ahead (which it most likely will), it will take place on saturday the 24th of may (this month).
starting around 11:00am and finishing probably around 3:00pm - 4:00pm
this will not a massivly formal event,
just a chance to get your uni out the garage and get some practice before some of the major events such as “ride the lobster” and other large unicycle meetups that will be happenind around july time.
there will not be a fee etc to join us or anything like that but as it is though up to be a fund raiser, all donations are much apreciated.
there will be a bucket or something similar with “uni for cancer” or somthing on it for anyoneb to drop in donations.
if youre worried about parking theres a multi storey literally 30 seconds from the spot (beeston town centre) and also a bus depot seconds away.
im planning to invite the “EMU” (east midlands unicyclists).
im not sure if anyone would turn up, (im hoping about 5 minimum) but the people of beeston are very freindly folk and are very possitive toeards fund raising.
So please if you fancy raising some money or just practising on your unicycle come down and have some fun.

p.s the spot i have planned is brilliant there are steps, drops, walls, gaps and platforms so brilliant for any unicyclist.

thanks for reading