Beer Standard skill at Wunschkonzert - Rules reiew..

hello everyone…

Some of you might already know that there will be a “Beer standard skill” (BSS) competition at WUKO next weekend.

We have maked some simple rules. Pleace comment, and add you idears. and more skills. Tanks…

Soft drinks and mixed drinks will be alowed.

Points for the skills will come later the comming week.

Thanks for you help. and looking forward to newt weekend.

Beer Standard Skill rules.

The general idea for beer std. skill (BSS) is very similar to normal std. skill. There will be some exceptions. They are listed below.

Every rider gets 6 “basic” skills that have a given number of points. It’s up to you if you want to do them ore not. If you don’t do them you just get 100% reduction. Judges will decide how much of a reduction you get if you only do part of the basic skills.

Categories of skills.
Fall off skills
Ending skills.
Non drinking skills.

You can select a maximum of 12 tricks for your program. The 6 basic skills will be added and you have maximum of 18 skills in total.
Only 4 of the tricks you can select yourself can be taken from the non drinking category.
You can only select one ending skill. You are allowed to finish your beer before you do the ending trick

~ / + 0 Wave, lines, circles, etc.
There will not be given waves and lines for your style, fall off, arms, fingers, looking at your program etc.

You get a wave if:
You spill a little bit of beer.

You get a line if:
You spill more than a bit you beer.

You get a cross if:
You spill almost all of you beer.
You don’t finish one cup of beer during a drinking trick

You get a circle if you spill all of you beer

List of tricks.
Non Drinking -
Beer around frame - The beer goes around the frame under the seat.
Touch beer on floor - The beer touches the floor
Wheel walk beer ext. - wheel walk whit the beer one hand extended from the body
Seat in front beer toucking body - Riding seat in front while the beer touch body
Chin on beer - Riding whit the beer touching chin
Stomach on beer - Riding whit the beer on stomach
Beer spin - The beer spinns around in the cup
Sidways jump over beer - Jumping over the beer that are standing on the ground
Beer on side frh. - Beer on side of the body freehanded. Placed under the arm.
Pich up beer - Picking up the beer from the ground
Make a beer can flat while jumping on it - A standing beer can have to be flat, by jumping on it.
Jumping over a case of beer - Jump over or land on it.
Move beer cace whit seat - Drag seat and push the beer case 2 meters whit your seat in front or in back.
Flirting whit judges - Do your best… :slight_smile:
Offering beer to judges - DON’T spill
Wheel walk offering beers to judges - Wheel walking while offering beer to the judges
Basic skills (Tricks that are manatory for all riders) -
Drink a snaps just before you start - Before your rutine starts you take a snaps
Drink a snaps just after you are done. - The first you do after you are done whit you rutine is to drink a snaps
Beers (depending on the numbers of beers you have been drinking before the competition) - If you look drunk before you start you dont get many waves here
Acting, flirting, dancing - Impress the judges before, during and after the competition
Custume - Be creative
Creative - No
Drinking -
Drinking Frh. - Riding while drinking beer
Wheel walk drinking beer - Wheel walking while drinking beer
Riding Drinking 2 hands on beer. - Riding and drinking while holding the beer whit 2 hands
Riding spin drinking beer. - Do a ridingspin while drinking your beer
Riding bwd drinking beer - Riding bwd drinking beer
Drag seat in front drinking beer. - Drag seat in front drinking beer.
Crank idle drinking beer. - Crank idle drinking beer.
Drinking to Burb - Riding and drinking. Stop drinking and burb, and drink again
Wheel walk drinking beer - Wheel walk drinking beer
Idling seat on side drinking beer -
Stand up wheel walk drinking beer -
Drag seat in back -
Seat in back -
Wheel walk 1 ft -
Seat on side - Riding seat on side while drinking beer
Coasting - Speed up, and drink and coast at the same time.
Gliding - Speed up, and drink and glide at the same time.

Fall off skils -
Fall off from WW - Falling off from Wheel walk
Fall off from st. ww - Falling off from standup wheel walk
Fall off from drack seat in front - Falling off from drag seat in back
Ending skills. -
Bounch beer on floor - Make up you own description
Drag beer in back - Make up you own description
Drag beer in front - Make up you own description
Dismount to Dusch beer -
I’m going to bee in the Beer dusch after the competition -

Have you been drinking? :o

:astonished: That is the single greatest thing I have ever heard of. I mean, drinking, and riding. I wanna see some video from this one. Do you get more points if your more hammered? After each trick session you should breath-a-lize the contestants to see what their blood alcohol level is. Give the pisstanks some bonus points. Denmark owns.

finally something I would be good at.

If the competition goes wel it might be a workshop at unicon…

I really hope so!!!

This is my kind of competition. I feel so bad I’m missing out…

This is wonderful. I am going to beat you all.

A nofooter to balls should be added to the list and it should be allowed to invent new tricks for your routine…

Yes no footer to balls should definatly give a lot of points.
But with or without it I will win this competition.

I have to say, I think this is a bad idea, and I’m sad that I’m going to miss it!

I never drink…! Maby a bit…!:slight_smile: :sunglasses: