beer rail

Lutz, Mo and Thorsten visit us in cologne last week. I was luckky to have some bottles of beer in the fridge :smiley:
See here whats happened then or click here to download the video.

that’s alot of beer…
how long did it take you to drink all of it?:wink:

Hahaha that’s amazing!

awesome, it was funny good vid!!

That was so cool! Where they glued to that board?

cool, was that done after drinking them all?

That is a great roadside sobriety test. 99 bottles of beer on the rail 99 bottles of beer, if one of those unies happen to fall …

Yes we drunk them before. You can see it when I ride the rail. I always move my body from one side to the other because 10m beer was a little to much for 4 persons. You dont want to know how much pain we had in our heads next day…

could you close your eyes and touch your nose at the time?

That was insane! I loved the video!

One question: how did you keep the beer bottles fixed in place? Did you glue them to that plank or something? They don’t topple over even when Lutz falls to the side.

Hahaha, what a masterpeice :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s unbelieveble that you could ride that rail.
Impressive and funy at the same time :smiley:

Peter M

wow, impressive!

Haha that was great

As a firm supporter of beer my hat is off to you.

:astonished: WOW! :astonished:

esp. after drinking 1/4th of them.

How many were there total? Looked like well over 100.

Exactly how many of bottles did you drink and/or ride, and what brand? For all we know, they were coke bottles, which would be far less impressive

144 botles, I couldnt touch my nose ;).

Haha thats mint

This is legendary!