Beer on unicycles (again)

Had an oppertunity to test exactly how many beers I could handle before I
could no longer ride the uni. Unfortunatly I forgot to keep any sort of
track of how many I had. I felt good about the fact that my I was bearly
able to walk, but still could mount and idle and ride reasonably well.
Trials was apparently over my head however, as i found out when i attempted
to jump over the side and into the center of a filled baby pool. I was quite

Re: Beer on unicycles (again)

> I felt good about the fact that my I was bearly able to walk

So were you walking like a bear?


not nearly as detailed as my drunkin hell-ride but thanx for sharing and keep better notes next time…

“…keep better notes next time…”
and for pete’s sake, can u learn to keep the video camera going?!?
if there’s one thing we’ve all learnt from ‘americas funniest home videos’, it’s how not to make a TV-show!
and to keep the cameras rolling
and to keep talking to your wife at home so that no-one will believe the gay-rumours when they eventually surface

i’m impressed by the idling while as drunk as the proverbial judge
gotta try that

This was taken at a party about 2 weeks ago. I believe that was my 3rd beer. I just thought I would share.

aaronC, a truely great moment to remember and cherish, awesome shot!