beefing up a kh

I do not have an old kh I got it in the summer of this year but the seat flex is a little off putting I really want to beef it up with a metal plate like you can get on the miyatas. is this possible I did do a search but found nothing that was on any use. so is it possible? also while I was at it I might as well put in an air seat conversion, is this a bad idea for trials? I know that khs are very comfortable but, I just like the idea of an air seat .also if I was going to put in strengthening plate how would I take the saddle apart with out totally wrecking it? also what inner tube would you use?
just a random question but has any one been on a muni ride and a thorn or sharp object ever burst you airseat?when you have fallen off?

i had an airseat deflate on me once. i don’t know how, it was just out of air, and VERY uncomfy!

I did an air conversion on the velo, and posted some thoughts. I still have the same thoughts on the matter, after some time in the saddle.

i am not not to sure about an air seat as i am not sure about weather i would mess it up or not but i still want to make it stronger

now there is a cover for a velo