Beef my 28".

Hello all again, Im thinking about starting to ride my 28" uni again.
How could i beef it up fairly cheap.

Right now its just a stock 28" sun.
Im defintely getting a new saddle, maybe some type of handle, idk, what do yall think?



Right, I don’t know the specs you’re currently running on that 28, so I can’t really tell, but I’d possibly go for:

Nimbus gel saddle, for the comfy ride.
Schwalbe big apple tire, for absorbing shocks.
Shorter cranks, stock usually has long cranks.
BMX pedals with replacable pins, for extra grip.

If you’re thinking about handles, you can build some yourself or you could get GB4, even though I think the GB4 handles are kind of too close to your saddle.



Hmm how hard would it be to make my own set of handles, kinda like the GB4 road handles?