Bee stings?

Anyone ever gotten stung while unicycling? Today I was riding on a rural road when I felt a sharp pain on my middle finger at the knuckle right above the tip of my Hillbilly wrist guard. I looked down and flicked away what looked like a bee. (It happened so quickly I couldn’t really see whether it was a bee, wasp, hornet or something else.) I’ve been riding my Coker for slightly more than a year, and have cycled for years, and never before been stung. I’m curious if this has happened to anyone else.

None on the uni yet, but plenty on the dirtbike.

I saw a rollerblader on the trail last week who had a bee stuck in his helmet. No stings were reported. He was doing the crazy dance while he tried to fish it out.

Not on a unicycle, but…I was driving a motor cycle one time when a bee flew inside my visor. I held my nerve as it buzzed around in front of my eyes and I slowed to stop. Just as I stopped the bee stung me before I could remove my helmet and I was left with a swollen face.

Nope, but I’ll remember this if it does happen!

I’ve been stung tons of times; yellow jackets seem to like nesting in the ground right in the middle of trails. The first person gets through safely but stirs them up, the next person… ouch!

I used to be allergic enough that I carried an epi-pen with me while riding, in case I got stung somewhere like the throat, where swelling up might cause real problems. But over time I’ve gotten a lot less reactive.

That’s a good incentive to cycle rrreeeaaalllyyy fast. lol! I would do my best to be first.

Not bees, however every ride seems to end in me coming home covered in PLANT stings…

Oddly enough, I was just stung on Monday riding my 36 to work. A bee got between my sunglasses and face and wasted no time stinging me. Fortunately it got my cheek and not my eye.

Bees don’t sting that quick; as they’ll die afterward.
So if they do, you’re probably do something wrong.

While unicycling (and in my whole life) I’ve been only bitten by mosquito’s.
…in the dark, under the light-pole at my practice spot, while sweating.

A friend of mine is allergic and a single bee sting could be life threatening, so whenever he rides MUni, he carries and “EpiPen”.

That’s true of most honeybees, but hornets and wasps are happy to sting you many many times. And the “africanized” bees - aka “killer bees” - we have in the south of the US are also happy to sting you, suicidal or not.

I got stung in the calf 2 weeks ago walking a section I could not ride. I was surprised because it was a well traveled section of single track. I’m not sure how bees and wasps act in your area but in the eastern US they tend to get aggresive and nasty in the fall when the weather starts to get cold and their days are numbered.

They’ll sting quick if you threaten their hive. Also, Bumblebees (not honeybees) are capable of stinging as many times as they want.