Greetings BC wheelers

The new Bedford PRO “LowRider” BC wheel platforms will be available this week !!!

I have finished making them and I’m just waiting for them to be returned from the powder coater.

Jeff and Spencer have tested some prototypes this summer and really like the lower versions.
The ones used for testing had welds that eventually bent. The new ones have no welds at all and are awesome !

They are like the current Bedford PRO platforms but have a lower drop.
There are actually two settings for these new platforms.

These are super strong, super thick alloy, powder coated high gloss black with grip taped surfaces. The best available.
These will be the ones you want for sure !!!

The price is only 79.00 US or 89.00 CDN
plus shipping if you don’t pick them up at my shop.

All Bedford BC wheels will come with these new platforms as of this week.
The price list will be updated asap.

Bedford Factory BC Wheel riders, Jeff and Spencer will have theirs soon.

Jason and Roman Allemann are next to join the Bedford BC wheel team.
They are the two brothers who made the Rocket Powered BC Wheel using Bedford PRO platforms.
Jason bought his first BC wheel from me about 15 years ago while attending the University of Waterloo as I sold unicycles and juggling equipment out of the 1968 Cadillac hearse that I had at the time.
Jason and Roman have not only been long time supporters of Bedford Unicycles but have been very good friends as well.

Order a set and be amazed !

Enjoy the ride,


I am very proud to be the person that made the impossible possible by creating the current version BC wheel platforms about 4 years ago.
It wouldn’t have been possible without Bedford Factory Team riders Jeff Groves and Ryan Atkins either. They are the ones who first rode my platforms and made impossible wheels possible. Not only possible but have taken these wheels to limits above and beyond anyones imagination. Spencer has taken his Bedford BC Wheel to new limits as well and joined the team early this year.
(Look for his Bedford T-shirt soon. The drawing is done and looks sweet !)

20 years ago, Tom Miller was making BC wheels with a few different types of
foot rests and pedal drops. Jason Allemann first used a Tom Miller BC wheel that now hangs in my shop as a vintage version.
(I have a huge collection of Tom Miller unicycles that I started getting from him in 1985 and still recommend him for any custom unicycles today.)

Sem Abrahams, Don Bursell, John Foss and a few others were riding impossible wheels at unicycle meets 25 years ago. I watched as they ran and jumped on the wheel to see how far they could go.
In the last few years these wheels have come a long way !

Besides Jeff, Ryan and Spencer… other riders these days that are good at BC wheels, like Bryan and Evan, all started with Bedford Platforms.

Get a Bedford BC wheel and get the hang of it… You will be glad you did !

Watch for the news release of the: Bedford World BC Wheel Championships
later this month !

Meaning what? 2 holes?

Sounds good btw. Folks, these are the way to go. No more buised feet or ripped shoes!

Cool how much are they lowered?

1/2" if they are the same size as spencers old ones.

Are your short plates lowered aswell?

There are two holes Evan.

I will post the drop info at another time.
They are revised a little from Spencer’s prototypes.

Thanks for inquiring,

Be sure to include pictures in the pricelist (if possible)!!!

Woot yay finally!

Yay! The prototypes were awesome. They made the whole ride more stable and over all easier to ride. For hopping they are so nice, it is way easier to get a grip on the bolt and it feels way more natural.
I can’t wait to get the new ones!


yer it would be good if the bedford site was a lot more detailed and had pics.


they look no different than the old ones 'cept for ever so slightly taller.

Darren is any of the bedford bc’s going to be available on uk udc because i am very interested in getting me one or is it possible to get the new plates shipped and fit them to the udc one?

Cheers Lucas

I will get some pictures and post them.

You can order a set of platforms and attach them to any 14mm axle.
Just make sure the wheel is strong and good quailty.

The site will change soon. Thanks for the notes.


Would be nice if you set up your site much like is, with descriptions and pictures of all your products.

I could take pictures of all the Bedford stuff, but of course Darren would have to send me all the stuff so I could take them :stuck_out_tongue: .

End Sarcasm

I want a set of these soon, really soon…

So Darren. How does someone in the uk go about ordering a 20 inch bc wheel with the new lowrider platforms?

Send me an e-mail at
info @ bedfordunicycles . ca


bc wheel

ive got a pair of the orange pair of lowrider bedfored
pro platforms that i got for christmas
relly nice
good quality.

hi darren its david from australia
this is a pair of the lowrider platforms that my mum organized with you before christmas.
it has a kris holm rim, a luna trials tyre and a j.tec hub.
i love it and thanks for sending it to me in australia.
here is a picture to show you what it looks like with your platforms.
Its cool