What happened to him? Is he still selling stuff? Where can I get a price list that’s not hella old?


I love the guy, I’ve bought all my stuff from him in the past, and now my hat is falling apart and I need a new one. As well as some other stuff, like a moment hub.

So… Any info?

Hes still around, you are best emailing or calling him for prices and everything:

He responds relatively quickly to emails, outstanding service.

I bought some stuff from him last week so, I think he is still selling stuff. I think he said there will be a new website up soon (This was a couple of months back). I would suggest you to e-mail him at or call him at 1.416.729.9696.


nice, ok. I knew that his web presence was limited, but whatever. I’m kinda waiting till I break/bend my KH onza till I get the new stuff, but whatever.

Darren’s the best person I’ve ever bought anything from.