why are beford krisholms better than

The above should have been your subject line.

What are the differences between a KH (you didn’t say what product) from Bedford and one from UDC? Is this what you’re asking? If one is supposed to be “better” what gave you this impression?

They are the same but Darren Bedford covers up the KH logo on the front of the frame with a Bedford sticker.

So I suppose if you want the KH logo covering up the Bedford Kris Holm unicycles are better for you

Darren might be able to give you cheaper shipping within Canada, though sadly not a picture or full description of the unicycle on his website.


Maybe this thread was meant to be a joke and I have totally messed up the punchline - oops

why is it 50 bucks more from bedford

Because Canadian dollars and US dollars are different?

Yes, are you comparing two unequal currencies? Anyway, sounds like your original question, which again should have been the thread title, is why the KH from Bedford is $50 more than the ones from UDC (USA presumably).

Another reason may be his own costs. The unicycles are made in Taiwan or China, and then probably container-shipped to the USA. If they aren’t shipped directly to Canada, Darren has to pay some transit and/or duty fees to bring them into Canada, on top of the costs to bring them to North America in the first place.

there better because Darren doesnt leave stuff you ordered out of the box and put stickers you dont want in the box.

oh, then theres the Bedford girl(s) buisness cards too.

Cause I’d rather have Bedford logo’s on my uni than those silly colorfull logos…

Because Bedford is rad. And I agree, wtf mate wtf. That’s all folks. Laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

Why simply, because Bedford ROCKS! nuff said. :slight_smile:

UDC rocks, too. But Darren Bedford is the MAN.

I say they are both pretty equal.

Both supply us with great unis, both have their ups and down, and both put customer service high on their priorities. provides good servise and good prices + fast delivery :wink:

They’re talking about the UDC US.

UDC UK is freakin’ awesome. Can’t get any better, really fast delivery, someone who knows what they are talking about. Awesomeness.

I have heard Bedford is a LOT better than UDC US though… I have heard baaaad things about UDC US.


I see :wink:

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Yeah Bedford is awsome and so is UDC UK. I ordered stuff from them and on both the things they left out something. UDC UK shipped me the wrong color seat cover. Within a few days I had the correct one and was able to keep the other as a spare. Bedford is awsome because you can change your order up till the time that he ships it. We changed our order so much and made it so big that he forgot to pack my KH seatpost in the packages. Within a little over a week I recieved my seat post via express shipping( which costs more than the post).
UDC US on the otherhand if they dont have something in stock that you ordered they will not tell you about it except when you get an empty box with a note telling you that they wont have anymore in stock. And the weird UDC stickers on your uni are hard to get off and the banjo thing is annoying.

also for some reason the KH frame on UDC is 50 more expencive than from bedford.

Also, darren spends more then 45 min, putting together the uni, making sure the spoke tension is right. lubing everything that needs lube, pretty much he makes everything perfect and makes sure everything is perfect. unlike who just ship it out as it comes in. Darren also has been selling uni’s for 25 or so years. he knows what he is talking about! again (In the U.S) does not, addtionally in the states overground the spider on my old profile crank arms so that they ended up cracking. that sorta stuff would never ever happen with darren, he knows what he is selling and actually wants people to enjoy unicycling, well just wants to sell the uni’s.
darren’s the way to go

I’d get mine here and save $100. I’ve dealt with this company and had good experiences.

Whoa - I never noticed that aebike has KH unis for $100 less. Good to know.