Bedford Zack Baldwin trials uni

Whats up bros? Im wondering what’s the deal with this uni? Its the one Zack uses in defect, the grey frame with super long neck and that red wheel with profiles. It’s a hot ass uni, and i’ve always wanted a longneck trials frame, what model is this listed under on the bedford site?

heres a pic i found on jess riegels site…

these unis any good? how much do they cost? thanks.:slight_smile:

A guy, known as “Sponge” here at the forums, owns it I think.

oh ok, so did how much do these unis cost though? did he order it a full one from bedford? im also quite tempted by the frames hes made as well. mmm

haha, im pretty sure that is “The TI”. I think it was the only one made.

Yeah it was a one of a kind custom job, I’m not even sure that the frame itself came from Bedford.

Dan Heaton had it custom made by a bicyclist that wanted to learn to weld Ti bike frames, so Dan told him to practice by making him two uni frames, this one and a 24" Muni frame. He lent it to Zack with intentions of getting it back one day but Zack sold it to Isaac, who in turn sold it to Sponge.

I thought it was pretty cool at first but then i saw the bearig holders. :astonished: they look prety terrible if you asked me. looks flimsey the only thing i see them doing is saving weight.

they are really nice lolypops.

Hey there, yeah that frame was a one-off job for Dan who gave it to Zack. It was tough getting a trade sorted out with Isaac, considering he lived in Australia at that time, after shipping from Aus-to-UK and getting a £100 customs charge for it :o, it’s here better than ever.

There were problems at first, such as the cranks never being properly installed on it EVER, so I had to get the lollipops’ hole machined to a larger diameter so that the bearing inner race could actually press against the crank spacers. Now I recently epoxy’d one of the bearings into a lollipop, so there’s no bearing slip whatsoever and the cranks are tight as can be. S’alls good :slight_smile:

Lollipops really aren’t THAT bad, sure I think the bearing holders on the Triton Sponge and KH frames are easier and more covenient than lollipops, but once sorted properly, lollipops are a doddle. The frame itself is extremely light, around 400g or under I think? Noticably far lighter than even the Triton Sponge and KH frames. However, Profiles are the only splined crankset I can run with this frame as lollipops only take 40mm OD bearings…

The DX32 rim noticably sucks though, compared to wider rims. Especially with a proven to be flawed tyre like the Creepy Crawler, the tyre’s less stable and has less-square profile than it would have with a Try-All rim for example.

here’s a gallery if you’re interested.

fair play bro, that is one sick uni u have there. So its completely unique? like theres not another one like it in the world? and its titanium yeah? how exactly do those weird bearing holders work anyways, whats so bad about them? ive never seem those kinds of things on frames ever. :astonished:

i just watched u2, and dan’s riding this frame too i think! so it must be really old like 4 years or more even. how come it hasnt broken yet? its been in like 2 dvds, and wasnt zack like 2004 trials champ on it? damn, ill just go for the triton sponge then i reckon. sweet man, id like to ride it some day. i wonder what the frame is like for foot-on-crank tricks? i swear there must be tons of fitting room for your shoe seeing as that bolted join is so thin.

so what happened to that other 24" one that was mentioned earlier? i never seen or heard of that before!

Those are miyata lollipop bearing holders, nothing special, just old technology. The frame is unique though. The reason for the bearing holders was that the guy that wanted to learn to weld titanium did not have the equipment to machine nice bearing holders, so Dan told him to go with the lollipop style bearing holders.

I’m pretty sure that the frame did break at one point, and Dan just had it re-welded. It’s not indestructable.

The 24" was made at the same time, and is currently in Dan’s garage.

How is a ti longneck frame lighter than a ti sponge frame that is not long neck? The sponge doesn’t look that much burlier than the longneck…

It just is. It could be for a variety of reasons… The Ti is made of some titanium alloy mixed in the United States whereas the Triton is OT4 made in Russia, these different alloys’ll have varying weights, and chances are that the tubing in The Ti is much thinner than the Triton’s tubing.

And trust me, the Triton is much burlier than The Ti. :sunglasses:


How odd.

Thats what makes Zack so good!!!

Thats really funny cause I didn’t even notice that until your post

Hahaha. I knew you couldn’t get that good naturally.