Bedford vs. Nimbus

Now, it could just be ignorance, but are Bedford and Nimbus frames one in the same? They look very similer.

bedford are narrower. at the crown

I likw bedford ones more, but they are similar.

I vote nimbus

Wow we posted within seconds! :astonished:


they are both good frames. I think the bedford one is a bit cheaper though.

Thanks ya’ll. I figure since I am in the US, I’ll go with a Nimbus to avoid the shipping charges. I just wondered if the Bedford was worth it, but if they are that close, I’ll go to UDC.


My friend bought a nimbus about 2 months ago, he loved/loves it still, great unicycle good for jumps, but it has a bigger tire than bedford, and i think it is better also for tricks

The other thing with Bedfords is he takes to time to inspect them and make sure his frames sit perfectly on the bearings. Odds are the frames are made by the same people (probably the same company in Taiwan that makes practically all unicycle parts) so would have the same issues (not being perfect length on each side) and since Darren inspects each one and shims it if need be, I would put Darren’s much higher than nimbus frames.

I seem to remember Tyler having issues with his Nimbus Longnecks being lopsided when he bought them, and if he had bought a Bedford frame (if Bedford has longnecks, he may or may not, I don’t know) then it would have been properly shimmed and ready to roll perfectly when he got it.

and now I understand why bedford is so talked up
because they deserve it

Darren’s little things that he does to make his products better are what really set him apart from other dealers. The fact that he is willing to go that extra little mile just to make sure everything is perfect really really makes up for probably his only downfall which is his lack of an organized website with pictures (which doesn’t really matter because if you communicate with him in directly its much nicer and other websites have pictures of most of that stuff).

Doesnt he have someone working on a new site design?

Is it possible for me to even get Bedfords? I live in the southern United States, and even though I’m hearing great things about his products, I havn’t even seen what is he sells. I guess I will be able to when the website is done though. Thanks ya’ll.

Just give Darren a call or send him an email, I’m pretty sure he will send anything anywhere. He did send some stuff out to Sponge in the U.K. after all, so southern U.S. really isn’t that far.

I also bet that you would find that in the end the two (udc and bedford) will end up being about close to the same price with shipping and that. Although it is possible I’m wrong.

Anyways dealing with Darren isn’t like dealing with some other faceless internet company. When you are buying something from him its much more personal, its like giving a friend of aquaintance a call and talking about getting a new unicycle.

Dealing with UDC particularly in the UK is nothing like you make out. It’s not some faceless internet company, I know all the staff at UDC UK, I have been and visited the offices and spent a lot of time talking to the staff there. It’s rare for me to phone and spend less than 10 minutes on the phone.

I called earlier this week to order some new cranks and had a laugh and a joke with them on the phone.

I’ve also never had any problems with any of the nimbus unicycles that I have bought and the one problem my wife had (lack of clearance in the crown as she bought a larger tyre) was fixed as soon as we saw Roger.

I’d say go Nimbus