Bedford Unicycles

So I hear a lot about Bedford and how great there prices are, so I decided to try and contact them about some new parts I wanted. Only thing is they haven’t responded to my e-mail yet and its been about a week.

I was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with them recently and if so how do you contact them?

Also, has anyone in the U.S. ordered from them?

send them another email. i think some of his emails get blocked or something so try again. you can try calling him, his number is on his site.
yeah i am in the US and i know a bunch of people who have had no problem ordering form him

I would just call him, the number is on the site…

he is a really nice guy and could get you whatever you needed. He travels to the U.S. alot so he might be out of town but Im not for sure.


Alright thanks bro.

P.s, I’m diggin that avatar

yeah, that’s nice.

i ordered a KH seat post from Darren. Everything went fine. And he doesn’t make you pay until you have recived your order.


Yeah, I put in an order for a KH frame, and he said he would send it out on monday, so it could still be coming, but he hasn’t told me one way or another yet. I may call him soon, to check if it doesn’t come soon.