Bedford Unicycles?

Hello all, I’m rather new to the community in general and I have a question about this company Bedford Unicycles. It would seem, from what I can tell, that they operate a little differently than what I’m used too. Basically I guess I’m just trying to see if anyone has used this merchant and had any issues.

no darren is an amazingly nice guy… super knowledgable… i tottally reccomend bedford!

Darren Bedford is probably one of the nicest people to deal with when buying parts or whole unicycles.

this is fantastic news, I’ve called and spoke to him already =)

I really like Darren. He is really nice and will answer tons of endless questions.

he also makes nice bc plates.

Darren is the man…I have sent everyone of my uni purchases his way and hes always come through with flying colors. He really knos his stuff and even if it means losing business he will tell you what he really thinks(about what you need vs. not need). hes really a great guy.

Darren rocks, he has great service and is really nice. great unicycles too, he cheaks over all the parts before shipping out.

Bedford is THE place to go for a uni. He answers all questions you have with respect. When i got my KH20 last year he misplaced the rim and i had to wait an extra day. But the next day he delivered it to my door and gave me a free shirt and $20 off my shin pads. This was just before he was going to a unicycle meet, so he was a bit unorganized.(I also live 20-30mins away from his shop) I’ve never heard of Darren getting a shipment wrong, though.

bedford unicycles is like udc uk of north america. great guy to deal with and gives straight to the point answers. him not having a website kinda makes the unicycle buying experience less robotronic…al.

He does have a website though… …but i know what you mean abut the robotronic thing.

I live in the UK and even I think he’s a cool guy, I had to order parts form him as the UK sites didn’t stock them, they arrived only 5 days after he posted them which was super quick. I wish we had someone like him and his shop in the UK (not knocking there) but someone to get all those fiddly parts from and strange bits that don’t generally get stocked is always good.
I wish you could look on the bedford unicycles site for produce though as if you don’t live in the Country its hard to see what is available through them and what you could order.

Yes id also like to see some pictures up on his site.

And also update it. Pics and update it. He would get more customers if he had pics as they know what they are buying. Canada has a lot of unicycle shops!

I remember reading something saying he had a guy working on a new site. Hope its true.

He said he is working on getting pictures of the bc wheels and shirts on there first then he will work on the rest.

I think part of the reason Bedford kicks so much ass is because he has all those little bits and stuff, and I think it would be pretty damn hard to get all those up on a website.

I think some pictures would be cool, but if it becomes automated ordering, we will lose the best part, which is communicating with Darren himself.

called and talked to Darren, he’s totally a kickass guy, very helpful. Ordered a 20" KH from him, he’s only got a few left till may or so if anyone else was thinking about it.

Agreeing with the majority by saying Darren is really nice, and I recommend buying from him. I bought a Bedford Light (what I ride now, except with an old KH muni seat and 2007 Kh trials hub/cranks, which I also sincerely recommend). Palabra.

im not that familiar with bedford’s uni’s-how do they compare to a KH or Qu-Ax?

Depends which one you buy.

Darren uses the flat crown style frames that lots of other companies use.

His trials unicycles have a DX32 rim.

Either square taper crap, or Kris Holm cranks, or Profiles.

Kris Holm seats…

Not sure on pedals.

Luna’s on the trials unicycles.