Bedford Unicycles

I would just like to post a review that pretty much covers everything a [Canadian] unicyclist would want.

If you live in Canada (I cannot vouch for intl’ shipping costs) there is no reason to get anything unicycling related from any source other than Bedford Unicycles.

I have had nothing but fantastic experiences dealing with Darren Bedford as both an individual customer, and a Canadian Uni club owner.

I have had nothing but quick, knowledgable response and dealings from/with Darren.

For having basically the monopoly of Canadian unicycle dealings, he has unbelievably great prices. His level of personal service is second to none, and even before I developed a ‘several things a month on order relationship’ with Darren, I was treated as I was his best customer.

He either stops carrying, or stops recommending items in his stock that people have ruined on a regular basis, and will generally seem to replace something ‘No questions asked’ (although…who is going to replace something that is definetly user-fault…I never tried to return somethign like that, so I can’t mention anything about it)

Where seems to sell everything that has one wheel (even the junkiest, pieces of crap), Darren stocks quality stuff at a price you are not going to be able to match.

He is not only a great source of knowledge, but is a great person to know, and to deal with, and I look forward to putting any of his future kids through college with a lifetime of too-many-unicycle purchases.


I second that, Darren has always been excellent with everything.

I’m thinking of buying a air saddle from him. Would you recommend him?


Me too.

I just ordered my sir saddle from him. He’s very nice and helpful. And he send back e-mails daily. Great Survice.

Opps, I ment service.

Nothing but Love here for Bedford. Great guy great equipment good prices.

Loyal Bedford Unicyclist.

My wife and I spent 3 hours with Darren this afternoon while he gave our Uni’s a tune up/adjustment. He is absolutely amazing and I would have no problems recommending him to anybody.

I agree…

My family personly has 7 bedofrd unicycles and would never settle for anything else.

I would recomend him to anyone


I’m a Canadian thinking about getting a new Uni, based on this and all the other things i’ve read in the forums, I’m very seriously going to consider looking to Bedford when I talk myself into spending more money on a unicycle.

Just a bit of first-hand caveat: Darren’s 28" frames will only fit 28" tires, not a 29" Nanoraptor. Not sure about other 29" tires like the Continental.

Does Darren have both 28 and 29 frames?

I ordered a frame from Darren for my 700c wheelset. He said it would fit a 29er.

I just swapped tires from my Conti Top Touring 28x1.75 to the Nanoraptor 2.1. the Nanoraptor fits but I don’t think a Big Apple would.

Here’s the crown clearance.

are the prices on his site in canadian currency or US dollars. If they are in canadian…does anyone know the ratio of Canadian : USD

I hope, and bet, that it is in Canadian.

1 Canadian $ = $.77 US.

They’re Canadian.

Can someone do me a huge favour? I’d like a few pictures of the Bedford Unicycles… the light duty 24" if possible, but I’m just looking to see what they look like.

Bedford Photos

There are many photos available if you Google

bedford unicycle photos

Darren is a great guy to deal with so you could always phone or e-mail to see if he has pictures or can help you with your decision.

Oh yes, he is, but he’s not in this week, and because I’m leaving for a while as well I’d like to do as much research as I can before he returns so if I choose to make a transaction it can be sent as soon as possible.

Do you know any of the specs?

bedford light duty

heres a pic of my bedford light duty, i dont know all the specs but if you buy a heavy duty 24 " i know it comes with kh moment hub and crank set and a big tire i beleive this is mine right now, im thinking of selling just not sure how much right now or when. but heres the pics

(sorry its dirty so doesnt look good right in that pics cuz i was MuNi-ing that day)