bedford unicycles.

how long does it usually take for a whole unicycle to be shipped off.Because i’ve been waiting since tuesday( when darren e mailed me saying he sent it off that morning) and now its saturday!

If he sent it UPS ground it can take up to 2 weeks so dont fret and go outside and ride a little. Plus UPS doesnt deliver or ship on weekends so it might not come till next monday(but since you are closer itll probably be there around wednesday.)Im really sorry to be the bear(i know its spelt bearer) of bad news here but patience is a virtue.

It took me about three days to get mine :D. But I live in Ottawa, and thats a hell of a lot closer to Toronto than BC.


Serves you lot right for living in such a big country! I mean, really… :slight_smile:


Well Unibrow, I have had two uni’s shipped from Darren and they usually take a week - like I mean 5 working days - to get to Vancouver. So I’m sure your fine new birthday present (happy birthday, BTW) will be here early next week.

Then we will look forward to your posts describing your new machine. If it helps, while you are waiting, how 'bout describing what you are getting: type of rim, tire, cranks, hub…?

Also, we went on another MUni trail ride out at UBC this weekend. If you are able to, why not join us next weekend with the new one wheel? E-mail the club at: if you want more details of our ride time and location.


I would love to!


I still dont hav my uni and im guessing it will be here next weekend .I would still like to go with you guys ( my email isnt working so we will have to tlk through the forums) I also have 3 other friends that might be able to come@ :slight_smile:

So, if you could give me some more info through here that would be great and much appreciated.

on another note,

my new muni is going to have a beford 24" flat crown frame ( chrome ) I don’t no what kind of cranks it has but i just bought these wicked pedals after my birth day last thursday :slight_smile:

The uni also has a down hill double walled rim / tire,

and… My old vicount seat that im might be building a handle for !:smiley:

Sounds like its going to be a very cool MUni, Unibrow.

We will probably ride out near UBC next Saturday again. Likely we will meet at 11:00 am again at 16th Avenue and Sasamat Street. That is on the edge of Pacific Spirit Park and is a great place to start into the trails. We would be riding for a couple of hours steady on some not-to-difficult MUni terrain.

Let me know if you and you friends might be able to make it out this coming weekend… post here or, if your e-mail starts working, send me a message the the club addy:



I live on vancouver island down by victoria and were are you thinking of meeting? what is UBC?

UBC= University of British Columbia


what city is UBC in?


Re: I would love to!

phone up bedford! (tell him to get some red miyata seats in too)

Thanks guys! I couldn’t have explained it better myself.

Unibrow, maybe best wait till the Vancouver Uni Club plans a ride in your neck of the woods i.e. Victoria. That way there will not be any confusion about what city to meet in and how to get there.



just give me a shout when ever your around ok:)

ok Unibrow, you got it!

but, in the meantime, be sure to post and let us know when the new MUni arrives and how you like it!


Man Canada is just like the attic for america you dont know about all the weird crap up there ill you actually(woah houses!) see it. I really need to get up there sometime!

No Offense was intended i was just poiting out how ignorant america can be sometimes.

WHA?!? Houses? Well I sure got shafted, I’m livin in a freakin igloo.

-Mike “is not actually living in an igloo” Benoit






any way,

i found a problem with the uni . there are 2 different cranks on it ?!
whats up with that??!!