bedford unicycles?


i have a question about bedford uni’s , i was thinkin about gettin one but there s no pic or phione # or adress . so i do really need a pic to decide cause im not to sure about the kh uni .

and that brings up another topic, should i bef up my norco freestyle uni or by the the kh 20???

peace out, jus-10

Hi there Justin,
The bedford uni frames look a lot like the Sem XL frames. Check out the review, complete with pics, on a bedford uni on the Unipsycho site for the Calgary uni club.

I have a 20 inch Bedford and its a great little uni - easily the same quality as the 24 inch Sem XL that I ordered from the States before I knew about Darren.

Darren can be reached at his e-mail addy:

and you can ask him for phone number and address once you contact him be e-mail. Darren may be a little hard to reach but once you are in touch with him you have hit the motherlode of unicycles in Canada. He sells lots of uni’s besides the Bedford unis and he has loads of parts if you want to upgrade or else have him custom make a uni for you - that’s what I’m going to do with my upcoming MUni.

Save load of $$$ in terms of no exchange, no customs and reasonable shipping.


I just got a Bedford 20" trials uni from Darren. Its great. You can check out some picks here : BEDFORD TRIALS UNI


the bedford on the CMU site is one of the old bedfords. bedford has incredebly better upgraded (man thats hard to say) (much better)

I got my 24 inch Beford Uni, and it’s working great, I’m having no troubles with it. A lot cheaper than the KH, if that’s a problem. If money isn’t a problem, go for it, get the KH! I really want to try that new saddle!

P.S. If money isn’t a problem, I’ll be very jelious of you!:smiley:

By the way, are the Non-Kris Holm Norco Uni’s as bad as I’ve heard?

I got a bedford trials uni, but with the profile (i think he calls it the hardcore trials) it’s really nice. it wa like 925 (tax included) for me here in canada that’s like 200 more than the splined KH (400 plus exchange and shipping and brokerage ) so i went for it. just because i know that the profiles hold up to the abuse, and the warrenty. as far as the frame goes, i c’ant really tell you much. it’s got a nice big footbed and it’s got pretty good clearance with the monty and i like so… that’s all i need in a frame…but a nice powdercoat (mettalic purple ??? :smiley: ) would be sweet. lol
anyways, i strongly suggest the bedfords to anyone in canada!!! they’re great!! so… yeah, if you’re going to be doing big stuff, spend the extra cash and get the bedford with profiles.but that’s only if you’re serious about uni-ing. Darren is a great guy, sells quality stuff and stands behind what he sells. so talk to him. I think his phone number (and a review is somewhere on the toronto uniyclists page

have fun whatever uni you get


Check out for a price list and contact info.