Bedford Unicycle Show

Yesterday, I was sitting at work being being negatively time challenged. (Bored) I grabbed the Toronto Sun out of a recycle bin and start flipping through it. Right at the top of pg 5 was a picture of Ryan Atkins riding a rail! I quickly point this out to the other people in the control center that I’m not the only person in the world that rides one of ‘those things’ that I keep in the locker room while I’m at work. Some people just don’t get it. (Looks like Carl in the background.)

No way, that is cool. I can’t imagine any random uni articles around my area. Let alone ones with Ryan Atkins and such in. Damn, but that is a nice frame he has.

There is more on page 14 too.

It was a awesome week-end of demos.
Pictures and stories coming soon.

Each show had about 1000 people watching according to City of Toronto staff. There were 10 shows.

The Bedford Factory Team shows had the most attendance of all shows.

The guys were great !


Carl Hoyer did a live to air broadcast on CBC radio about the team and shows as well as Ryan making the newspaper.

Lots of unicycling promo at this event.


So there was…