Bedford Uni Pictures...

Once again I ask for a favor… Can anyone post some pictures on here or up in the galleries of a couple bedford unicycles… I have never seen one in person, and I can’t get to Darren’s gallery online since the military filters out MANY websites. I am lucky I can even get on here. I am looking at getting one of his trials uni’s, and was just wondering what I can expect…

As always, thanks a lot…

His unicycles look exactly like unicycles. I don’t know what to tell you.

If you are just curious about the frame, which is the only piece that Darren makes himself at this time (for all i know), look at the Nimbus 20-inch trials frame on That’s what mine looks like anyway.

Just don’t worry about it and order it. You’ll get what you want/expect.

I want a unicycle with a massage seat… Does he make those?

I’ve never heard of a massage seat. (Does it massage your a** while you ride? That would be sweet.)

He has the saddles that are listed on his website: KH, Miyata, Bedford (a basic, cheaper saddle), etc.

If you want a unicycle from Darren, yet still want a ‘massage’ seat, then you can just buy the seat separately. Just ask Darren about it so that he can make sure that the massage seat post fits into the frame stem.

Oh, if, by massage seat, you mean Koxx1 seat with the gel, no he unfortunately doesn’t carry those. I asked.

PS> Darren, sorry for talking for you. If i’m wrong, please correct me. I just wanted to help bombsquad out, and you hadn’t responded yet.

Darren can make you anything you want! I own four of his unicyles and am happy with all of them.

Call him and tell him what you want. If he cannot put together exactly what you want, I don’t think anyone can!

At our club meet last week, he brought a custom frame he had just fabricated to fit the new 20" x 4" tire that recently has been on the market on those low rider kids bikes.

Darren is awesome in his knowlege of unis and their customizations!

Hey now … where the picture of it …?

There’s a thread here all about this project.

I want to see it !

Hey i wanna see that us some pics!

Darren will put together any combination of gear you want, Rims, Hubs, Seats, Frames, And most he can powder coat in any color

The standard Bedford Muni is going to be like this, with your choice of hub,Non Splined, Square taper hub and cranks if your doing light trials, The older KH Splined Hub, Profile Cranks, or the New Onza/ KH Hub if you plan on doing anything more than small drops. Contact Darren he can tell you more than anyone else about his unicycles.

here’s a bedford with profiles…

If thoes pix don’t work let me know and I’ll do them as attachments from this site.


They dont work.

oops, something happend to the img tags it seems…

and here

Thanks everyone for helping me out and for all the nice things said !

I sent him prices on shipping today to Asia.

I don’t stock massage seats but can arrange to find someone for a massage after your ride !!!

I will be getting the 20" x 4.25" unicycle frame
back from the powder coater tomorrow. I will put it together and take it to the unicycle club tomorrow night.
I will have pictures posted on Friday.

This is one cool custom Bedford unicycle !

Take it easy,

Maybe if I had a cool enough unicycle I could get a bunch of groupies that would follow me around and offer ass masssages after riding…

My ass massager is asleep upstairs in my bed. Her name is Kathy. She will be with me in Moab again.

Slightly off topic, but I was wondering if there is any difference between the Bedford Frame and the Yuni/N2 frames.