bedford trials

has anyone bought a bedford trials recently? what price are they going for these days? are they good / worth what you pay for? how do they compare to the nimbus?

Email Darren and talk to him, thats your best bet. He knows more about the bedford trials than anyone else ever will. Plus the bedford trials unis are basically just what he has around I think so although he probably has the usual thing it is pretty much not that much different from getting a custom trials uni for usualy cheaper than buying all of the parts seperatly.

Bedford website:
Bedford pricelist:

Trials unicycles from CA$200 - CA$975

That is crazy out of date though, your best bet is to call or email him.

I don’t really know what he prefers but I tend to email him as I’m usualy home at wierd hours.

Sorry to thread jack, but is the website working yet?

yeah it is.

And why doesnt bedford get a proper site done? like UDC? instead of an outdated pdf file?

He is getting a site done.

He won’t be like because he does all the work himself.

Plus he isn’t UDC, therefore he shouldn’t have a website like them. They have their style of things so what would be the point of him just doing the same thing they do. If he did have a UDC style site then he wouldn’t be Bedford unicycles he would be

He’s saying, “Why doesn’t Bedford get a proper website like UDC has done”, not that he wants Bedford to have the exact same site or style as UDC. What, are you guys robots? A little understand would be nice.

I agree, though, it would be cool for Bedford to get a site with pictures and a ‘Uni Builder’ tool that allows you to build a uni and see what it would cost. The ability to order directly online rather than through a phone call or an email might be nice too, but first things first.

thanks hecklar.

first off it isnt that hard to build a nice site with a checkout and all, like MDC and UDC have… secondly i wasnt saying they should have one like that, just a site which listed what he had in stock and a simple order form…

I find it abit outdated to have just a pdf price list on a webpage.

I would rather talk directly to the person I am purchasing from.

The great thing about websites is that they don’t disrupt your ability to phone people… well unless you have dial-up, i guess. :o

Yes, but the good thing about Bedford is the quality of the service. You phone, you get Darren.

He seems more than just a guy you give money to and receive a product, he’s like a good friend, who you introduce more people to because he is honest, and helpful.

He’s running one of the best Unicycle shops, who cares if his price list is outdated.

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That’s great, and i agree, but it’s still no excuse to not have an informative, up-to-date website.

well i agree he might be agreat guy and all, and very friendly, but often, i like to know the price of different parts, even if its just for reference and day dreaming…

like if my mate asks me how much a frame for his uni is, its easier to go on the site and check than phone up thats all…