Bedford Trials Specs

Hi all–

I hear great things about Bedford unis (and Darren, too), but there’s little info on their products that’s easily available. So I’m wondering:

What comes on the Bedford Trials uni? I know it’s a Bedford frame, but which KH seat is it? Which KH hubs/cranks, the 06 or the 07? What pedals? What seatpost?

What’s the difference between the Trials and the Hardcore and the Hardcore Air?

Thanks for any info.

I know the hardcore has profiles, and air means air seat.

The best way to find out would be to just send Darren an email or call him.

I think he has somebody working on his website, I don’t know anything about it though.

I think the Trials “Light Duty” has just a regular square taper hub and cranks…

They are the shit of shit, those square tapered cranks. They bent so fast, and I only hopped up and down curbs. I got a norco with a different square tapered crank, and it only broke after four foot drop, four months later. He calls it a “light duty trials”, but that’s BS. Don’t do ANY hops on it. It’s good to upgrade with koxx1 cranks/hub after, giving a pretty cheap good uni. But Darren should seriously try putting some cranks that can hold up a bit more than hops. (It’s trials right?

he does warn you by saying “light duty” you know;)

nonsplined unis are underated. Just don’t do anything stupid on them and they are great.

So if it has “light duty” on it, does it still mean that it will bend off and up a few curbs? Trials IS going up stuff, and should not bend for a person of 130lbs sidehopping :angry: A norco 20" m-uni (though it is trials really:) )is much better quality, and many of my local bikeshops around have em:o

your just fat.


Rolling out of your hops can make a huge difference in reducing the amount of stress on your hub/cranks :roll_eyes:

The Norco M-uni has the same hub and cranks as the Light Duty from Bedford. I had the Norco and a friend of mine had the Light Duty I have compared the two and the wheel is exactly the same, only difference is the Norco has powder coated cranks.

Bedford Light-Duty has a Suzue hub, and thicker cranks.

But they’re pretty much the same, weaker than splined.