Bedford trials frame, Zack Baldwin model..

Hi, I’ve been trying to find out if anywhere sells the bedford trials frame that Zack Baldwin uses in Defect. It’s a dull grey-ish colour with a very long seattube-neck. But the feature of it that caught my eye was a very bizarre join at the bottom. The legs of the frame ended and it was then joined by the frame’s bearing holders by some weird machined joint.

Just see what he uses when he rolls it past after his last clip in Defect. Is it just a prototype?

I think he probably had a plan made and got livewire unicycle to make it for him… but I might be waaaaaaaay off.

I don’t know if Bedford made that, its possible but I don’t think so.
It is a custom titanium frame. It has lollypop bearing holders but not the crappy kind. That uni now belongs to Isaac LeMasters(sp?)

umm ive wanted to know this also

i know his older frame, he welded a semcycle(?) extension to it so it was like a sem freestyle but trials

I think Jess has a sem (or bedford freesyle?) long neck frame on his trials that I think Zack modified.

It was Dan heatons old frame, He rode it in U2, It cracked, he had it fixed, and gave it to zack.

Max, you were way off.

It’s a one-off titanium trials frame made for Dan Heaton. Dan gave it to Zack at some point.

Those are just basic miyata lollipop bearing holders, nothing machined at all about them.

Where did you get the idea that it was a bedford frame? It’s just a square crown…

You’re never going to find one of those for sale. It was a one off job, done because Dan’s friend wanted to practice welding titanium for recumbant bikes.

Unijesse, zack’s other long-seattube frame was a bedford style frame with an extra large seatube welded in. A sem extension would be way too weak.

that frame was dan’s custom ti 20 seen in U2. Over time, the “miyata” bearing housings refused to stay pressed on to the bearings, and would slip off on drops. Dan kept riding till the welds on the leg/crown joints cracked.

Dan gave the frame to zack who had it re-welded. last i heard, the bearing housings where still slipping. Maybe they where fixed before isaac bought it?

EDIT: evan and bevan where faster

Halfway through this thread I began to post the same info, but then got a bit furtherdown and saw that ot had been answered 3 times in a few minutes… what a tightly knit community we are! I’ve even ridden that uni, it’s wicked tall, light and unconfortable in the saddle, A true trials uni.


The Ti uni is now in my possesion. I ride it almost everyday and is the best damn unicycle. Ive done a 2.5M drop on it and its solid. Weighs about .5kg less than the aluminium KH. If I had a camera id love to film some stuff. anyone selling one?

You could always get this frame.
same idea.

:astonished: that’s $356 USD. Not worth it at all.

When the TI frame snapped, why didnt he buy some main cap bearing houseings and weld themon?

I’m sure some people would disagree. It’s like the XTP frame, an extremely strong lightweight work of art.

I wonder though, would it be possible to get one of those to fit a trials tire?

You can order it in custom sizes, and they already make one for trials tires, just without the extended tube, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to make one that fit a trials wheel.