Bedford Trials BC Wheel for Sale (w/ Photos)

I bought the Bedford Trials BC Wheel about 1.5 years ago and spent about three days trying to get the hang of it. Then I moved across the country and lost all my unicycling friends as well as the determination to continue pursuing the BC wheel.

So, it is in nearly-new condition. The tire still has all of the molding “nubs” as proof of this. The only discernable wear is a bit of paint worn off the edge of the plates and that happens the first time you ride anyway.

Currently the Bedford Trials BC is $295 but I believe that is a newer model than mine. I am hoping to get $150 but will listen to counter offers if there is limited interest.

I’m located in Olympia, WA so anyone who can get here is welcome to pick it up, otherwise buyer pays shipping.

If interested, please email me:
Private message or posting here is fine too but I will respond much more quickly to email.

Click any photo to see a larger version.

this is a pretty sweet deal, if i didn’t have a bc I would probably buy it.

Wow, thats a good deal! I wish i had some money right now :frowning:

Would you like to work out some sort of payment plan? …or perhaps a trade would be in order. Have anything you’re looking to get rid of?

Hmm… All I have is $40, a kris holm saddle bumper, and possibly a torker lx air saddle that I made (it’s pretty comfy) but yeah I don’t have much

dibs, I’ll let you give it a go next time I’m in chicago, surfer1024.
I emailed you Jack.

It’s been sold.
As soon as I pay him, I can’t wait to get it!

Sounds good, I hope you enjoy it:)

Congrats to habbywall! He is the brand new owner of an almost new Trials BC Wheel. All you other suckers were too slow.

Anyone want to buy a Specialized two-wheel mountain unicycle?

A two wheeled muni that would be cool to see.
like this with beefy tires.

Sorry not interested in the b*ke i have one already.

BC wheels dont seem like unicycles…They are not my favourite

No offense, but that is not what this post is about. He is trying to sell his BC wheel, not asking everyone whether or not they like them.